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The curtain hook installation method and matters needing attention

by:Pacific     2020-06-10
In living in adornment the curtain has become one of the essential of modern family decoration, and the curtain rod installation will also in the headaches of a product that users use the curtain is characterized by curtain hook installation method, but also a big problem in many home users. Today small make up the curtain rod hook installation method and matters needing attention, hope to help you install curtain hook. 1, small plait curtain is often the case, the small plait curtain is presented a kind of small wave type, it can be in accordance with the four hook 4 pin number inserted teeth, wearing only the serial number for three rims, other rims are not insert and four teeth don't have a spacing between the hook. This kind of curtain of tees in small plait, more suitable for the bedroom and other small bedroom. 2, pleated curtains pleated curtain functions in small plait curtain hooks to install some similar, it is also through four tooth hook label for three rims, but it is a little difference in between fold have need a rims, ensure that the appropriate space distance between each hole. This link is our tees, which are frequently used in daily life should compare the doctrine of the mean. 3, big pleated curtains pleated curtain hooks are often used in the living room window curtains, it is also the installation of the sitting room curtain hook is most commonly used method, its according to the 1, 3, 8, 9 sequence number, which are inserted into the holes of four tooth hook with 1389 serial number, middle reserve four rims. The ground type fashion, elegant, is one of the curtain of modern popular tees. hook installation note 1, when making curtain hook installation, the distance between the hook as far as possible even, tally up. 2, pay attention to rust, should immediately replace, curtain cloth to avoid pollution. 3, in be used actually, can adjust the number of pins inserted into the slot, or 3, or 4. Can adjust interval between every two hooks to hang with slot number, which can adjust the effective width of the curtain.
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