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The curtain how to choose and buy is good?

by:Pacific     2020-07-17
Common curtain method 1 of choose and buy, want to accord with interior design style. Because of the choice of the curtain, conform to the requirements of the design style is the first. 2, should consider the integral effect of the bedroom. As a general rule, thin thin fabrics such as cotton, nylon silk, thin the made curtain such as cloth of collect gauze, mesh, can not only through a certain degree of natural light, can make the person at the same time in the daytime interior there is a feeling of secrecy and security. Besides, because this kind of fabric has character soft, frivolous wait for a characteristic, therefore hanging on the window effect is better. In the meantime, even attention and thick model the curtain cooperates to use, because thick model the curtain rod for indoor environment and reduce interference in the development of a more significant effect. Thick model the curtain, the choose and buy should select such as corduroy, wool and linen fabric pleuche and hair and so on the curtain of materials ideal. 3, according to different space to select different use function, such as privacy, the use of light, decorate metope, sound insulation, etc. Such as bathroom, kitchen curtain will choose practical, easy to wash, can stand the steam and oil pollution of cloth; The curtain of the sitting room, dining-room should choose luxurious, beautiful fabrics; Study curtain pervious to light performance is good, bright, like silk curtain; The curtain of the bedroom for thick, warm, safe, such as have anti-glare coating fabric on the back. 4, the color of the curtain is mainly white, red, green, yellow, blue, etc. Choosing design and color, in addition to the color pattern according to the individual feeling and preferences, but also pay attention to match with the pattern of household and color photograph. In general, curtain appropriate USES cool color in summer, such as white, blue, green, etc. , make the person feels clean cool; Winters are changing with the warm color such as brown, yellow, red curtains, looked more warmth. Coordinate from bedroom whole say on Angle, should consider whether the colour of the metope, furniture, floor, etc. If furniture is of brunet attune, should choose relatively the curtain of light color, lest cross deep color, make the person produces depressive feeling. 5, the pattern of the curtain also has a great influence for the interior mood, pure and fresh and lively pastoral scenery, make the person find the scenery pleasing to both the return uncut jade to put in true feeling; Color bright pure geometric design, give a person with stable equilibrium, gentle and harmonious feeling, more suitable for contemporary feeling strong, clean the bedroom metope. Children room adopts has animal deformation is the curtain of decorative pattern. 6, should consider the style and size of the curtain. In the aspect of design, the curtain of general small space should be more concise design for good, lest make the space because of the curtain multifarious and appear more narrow small. For the large area of the bedroom, criterion appropriate introduces easier, air, delicate model. The width dimension of the curtain, compare a window with two side commonly each are wide it is advisable to give 10 cm, bottom should look curtain model and decide, short form curtain also should be controlled at windowsill bottom line 20 cm; Be born curtain, should be apart from the ground commonly 2 ~ 3 cm. 7, the material aspect. When choosing the texture of the curtain, should first consider the function of the room, if the materials of sanitary ware, kitchen is about to choose practical stronger and easy for washing of fabric, the fabric to resist steam and oil pollution, style simple and fluent; Material of the sitting room, dining-room can choose luxurious, beautiful fabrics. In addition, the choice of cloth still depends on the room is right radial demand, the light is enough, can choose gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth; Room light is too enough, you should choose a bit thick wool blended or brocade curtains, to resist the glare; The room is not very strict to the requirement of the light, choose cotton of element face printing commonly qualitative or hemp qualitative cloth is best. 8, people often bother to choose the curtain and ignored the choice of the curtain rail. Sold on the market at present various curtain rail, more for aluminum alloy material, its high strength, good hardness, long service life. Structure is divided into single and dual track, in the open on modelling of inverted T simple rail and semi-closed embedded pulley window rail. No matter what kind of style, to ensure the use safety, and convenience, the key is to see the thickness of material, including installation code and pulley, both ends of the quality of the block, select the surface craft exquisite beautiful, adopts the advanced coating, electrophoresis technology products. Of new type materials in recent years, at the same time, can according to actual needs, choose low noise or silent window rail.
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