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The curtain how to match?

by:Pacific     2020-05-12
collocation technique 1, according to the style collocation let me put it this way, the sofa of the sitting room is white, such as your house of curtain to choose light color light, so as to form the integral feeling of the space, if is the furniture of a few dignified atmosphere, it will go more decorative curtains. 2, according to the tonal collocation is not only according to the color of furniture, should also consider the color of the floor, walls, like brunet floor and furniture should match is opposite color curtain, can appear otherwise the space is too crowded, and appear depressing. 3, according to the space collocation ( 1) of sitting room collocation of the sitting room is one of the most important place, is usually the first to see is the sitting room, so the curtain of the sitting room is tie-in is particularly important, if the sitting room is cloth art furniture, solid wood or leather, we can suit to use the fiber cloth curtain, choose to combine furniture color, the color of the floor, but the color of the curtain rod had better not exceed 3 kinds, or it will be very messy, easy to make the person produces the feeling of anxiety, small make up for you a choice, can consider the curtain light, optical materials, can build a succinct bright space. ( 2) Bedroom curtains collocation of the bedroom is a private space, the first thing to consider is the curtain material shading sex is close friends certainly, cloth can choose a little thick, design of sweet romance, if possible, after all, the bedroom is a place of rest for the insomnia, the curtain of the bedroom with red and black collocation is very good, can play the role of promote sleep. ( 3) Study curtain collocation study relative to the bedroom, it is not very tall to the requirement of illicit close sex, the main study is to build a quiet and serious atmosphere, had better choose to keep out the light and permeability, the curtain of light color design pursuit is concise and elegant as far as possible, can let a person more relaxed, color can be according to his be fond of or decorate a style to choose. ( 4) Bathroom toilet curtain can choose shutter curtain rod collocation, because toilet is a private place, toilet use blinds can not only protect people's privacy, at the same time it also has a beautiful sex, waterproof, air permeability is the most important, convenient cleaning fluid at ordinary times, can be washed completely.
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