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The curtain installation, step 2 package church!

by:Pacific     2020-06-13
Recommend the curtain rod rail as an important part of the installation of the curtain, so in choosing a curtain rail must pay attention to some details, curtain track installation, of course, also can please workers, but if I can save myself for a fee, but also has different means, so why not? Below small make up teach you the most easy to learn the Roman curtain installation. The curtain rod installation steps, first preparation to prepare said one hand tools: a tape measure, manual electric drill, screwdriver, a saw, expanded plastic tubing, folding chairs, dry cloth. Check product: see buying their own curtain rod breakage, off the paint, and so on and so forth; Rod head, installation size, fittings such as rings, curtain box of window, whether complete, no damage. Measurements: curtain rod length and the width of the window. 2, after installation to check all the materials, you can begin to install! Line positioning: our curtains are usually installed three yards, support the curtain rod fasteners, one is at each end, right in the middle of a window, with this, our curtain rod can be fixed on the window header. Here is a detail, installed at the ends of the code from about 5 - rod head 上升15厘米。 Punch: to determine the location of the installation code, and the rest is based on the installation method of installation code in the burrow, want and expanding hole in the plastic pipe, convenient screw anchor. Generally 3 note perforating depth here. 5 - Embedded within 5 cm, remember to stay away from the wall of the pipe line and the water pipe. Install the curtain rod: the first ring set into the bar, the suspension loop number depending on the length of the curtain and curtain installation fold density to decide, right. After wear rings, install the curtain rod card into the code, to hold the curtain rod. Hang curtain, curtain rod wear good, according to the number of rings is uniformly distributed, hang rings. Random check the smooth degree, everything is ok!
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