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The curtain knowledge introduction to let you know more about the curtain

by:Pacific     2020-06-03
A, finished curtain according to its shape and function of different can be divided into: roller, folding curtain, vertical blinds and shutter shade. 1, easy book. It can be divided into: man-made fiber roller, wooden main shutter, bamboo shade. Including man-made fiber shutter with a special process of woven, can Lu strong solar radiation, indoor light quality, have anti-static such as fire prevention effect. 2, folding curtain differ according to its function can be divided into: shutter curtain, fold the curtain shade, honeycomb curtain, day and night. The sewing room curtain has a suction effect, can be in day and night curtain pervious to light and opaque between arbitrary. 3, vertical curtain fabrics according to its different, can be divided into aluminum curtain and man-made fiber screens etc. 4, shutter shade is generally divided into wood shutter, aluminum shutters, bamboo screen, etc. Shutter shade is the biggest characteristic of light get adjusted different point of view, make indoor natural light is full of change. Second, the textile design sewing and curtain rod made of 1, cloth curtain fabric, according to its different process can be divided into: printed fabric, dyeing cloth, yarn-dyed fabric, jacquard cloth, etc. Print: on the plain fabric with garden net transfer or printed on colour, design, referred to as dyeing cloth, its characteristic: the colour is gorgeous, rich patterns, fine. Dyeing cloth: on the white fabric with a single color is called color dyeing cloth, the features: simple but elegant and natural. Yarn-dyed fabric: according to the design need, to classify gauze dyeing first, then through weaving, color pattern become the yarn-dyed fabric, its characteristic: the color fastness is strong, yarn-dyed grain is bright, stereoscopic effect. Jacquard printed cloth, jacquard and printing two process together referred to as jacquard cloth.
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