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The curtain price general how many money?

by:Pacific     2020-05-15
Before we know the curtain price calculation method, we will know how to calculate the curtain cloth is reasonable. This aspect of things want to tell you about below. prices now are most of the height of the bedroom in 2. About 9 meters, excluding any 10 cm of the line that play a base and condole top part and set aside, 2. 75 - meter - high curtain cloth is the most suitable for the bedroom. Now merchants sales curtain cloth by the price per meter, refers to the level 2. Under the condition of invariable, 75 meters width per meter, the fabric price = width of each window & times; Unit price (per meter It does not include the rail and accessories) 。 According to the requirements of general and production effect, the calculation method of curtain cloth materials have the following options: the first kind of universal. Calculation method is equal to the width of the window or track width of the fabric of 2. Five times to 2. Eight times. Fold the method, three-dimensional level obviously, the effect is good, is the most reasonable calculation method, the curtain cloth material is also the most widely used. The second kind of luxury. Fabrics of calculation method is equal to the width of the window or 3 times of the width of the track to 3. 5 times. The algorithm is suitable for the success of the economic well-off, the pursue is perfect, general applicable to large-area and floor bedroom curtains. The usage of fold sense is strong, level of strewn at random have send, stereo effect is remarkable. The third economic reingistic. Fabrics of calculation method is equal to the width of the window or 2 times of the width of the track, the biggest advantage of the method is more save money, but the biggest drawback is the curtain cloth is basically split apart, did not fold feeling and stereo feeling, visual effect is poorer, more suitable for temporary or transitional bedroom. how to calculate the price of 1, ordinary curtain prices before buying curtains, generally we all measured size curtain in the home, the width of the curtain on the basis of the original window width, are superior to 1. Five or so. If the width of the curtain is 1. 67 meters curtain price = ( The curtain price + auxiliary materials unit price per meter) * window width * 1. 67 price = orbits per meter price * curtain width on the other hand, if the price of the curtain to do lace and other decorative, in turn with the total price of the price of these accessories is the final curtain. 2 Roman shade, Roman shade price calculation method: Roman shade into Roman shade inside and outside the Roman curtain. Roman shade cover outside the window frame, the Roman shade measurement must be accurate, size measurement has three lines. Here other than Roman shade, for example. A single Roman shade width 1. Within 5 meters, so just consider when calculating the length, with a cloth. Roman shade calculation methods: 1 picture & times; ( High window + free edge) = the fabric meters such as fabric width of 1. 5 meter wide finished curtain rod specifications: 1. 2 meters & times; 1. 5 meters calculation methods: 1 picture & times; ( 1. 5 + 0. 2) = 1. In the 70 meters of cloth calculation methods: high curtain + 0. 4 m ( Each fold cloth) × Fold number = cloth in the fabric meters because Roman shade to wear in the aluminum bar, long with pleating cloth in the fabric. That is long: 1. 5 meters ( tall) + 0. 4 m ( Each fold cloth dosage) × Four fold = 1. 66 m 3, shutter calculation method of each shade price = two terminal price + anchor price + track length ( Is the window width) × Track per meter price + window width & times; Window height ( Not less than 2 meters) × Shutter price per square metre. Above is simple to tell everyone about the curtain cloth materials calculation method of the calculation method and curtain cloth prices, hope it can help you solve the problem of curtain cloth how to calculate the price.
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