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The curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-04-18
The choice of the curtain is more and more, people often when choose the curtain is very attentive, but ignored the curtain rod, but you are wrong, curtain rod is bearing so pay attention to. The curtain rod price expensive? The curtain rod? Along with the below small make up together and have a look. Curtain rod two big kinds curtain rod general how many money? Second to see what their favorite species. If, in accordance with the types, curtain rod can be divided into rising stem and the non-rising stem. As the name implies, rising stem is Lou in the outside can see. And dark bar is hidden. Now more popular is rising stem, because of its delicate adornment head and color also can have the effect of icing on the cake. The curtain rod price -- — The valuation mode 1. Do a wall is the amount of the width of the entire wall ( Side buckle 1 cm) In terms of, even the size of the head, according to the m. 2. For Windows, curtain rod ( Including head) Wider than the window - 50 80 cm ( To put 25 40 cm) In terms of, even the size of the head, according to the m. The curtain pile position can't block the window. 3. General track measurement ( Including bending rail) Where is where the amount is ok, long can cut off short can't pick up. What about curtain rod price is expensive or not and curtain rod is to introduce the relevant information to here, hope this article will be helpful to you. If you still have what not understand place can give small make up the message oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.
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