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The curtain to join merchants on the delivery notes

by:Pacific     2020-05-14
Antique bedroom, a cup of green tea, a song, light tone, make blundering heart calm, tea drinking alcohol heart temperature, missing years static good, feel the flavor of life. Often has many is unpleasant, but life, in order to reduce these f before doing things must be to understand clearly, joining the curtains brand merchants also need to know before joining joined by the manufacturer about the delivery, the following content please join merchants fine read, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding! 【 About the finished size 】 Size production orders are merchants, and generally say number of blanking m is the width of the fabric, the finished product after each less than 15 cm blanking mass of edge, like a set of 4 meters wide and 2. The curtain rod of 7 meters high, 2 slices after finished product is 1. 2 around 85 metres wide. 7 meters high, belong to the normal range. 【 Processing chip number and sample 】 A width of less than 3 m, no special requirements finished 1 slice by default. Generally in front of a large number of production, can let the merchant confirm sample to mass production. 【 Size error 】 According to the consumer products use instructions on the use of the textiles and clothing 'of home textile' industry standard size, the positive and negative error is less than 396 as fist-size pile sizes of finished product. Because of textiles are half manual products, so in the process of production can't completely put an end to size error, at the same time, because everyone's different measure way, plus or minus ( 1 - 5CM) About the error, is a normal phenomenon. 【 Fabric craft 】 All textile technology, fabrics is thousands meters automatic. Error area in 0. 015% of the following are for production of qualified. Manufacturer at the time of finished product production, not given. If the buyer found that the fabric production problems, according to no return reason. 【 About the color difference 】 Sell color error is inevitable, if colour is serious, with batch can return, on the contrary don't refund, to avoid the color difference, manufacturer you need to send fabric sample for free, the postage buyer bears. 【 About the freight 】 With logistics, such as the heavy curtain generally, checked instead of delivery, if you have other needs, the need to contact the customer service, after confirm the delivery, the freight is responsible for franchisees. 【 On the arrival of the goods time 】 Due to the need of the curtain is custom-made, so there will be a production process, generally in the case of a spot, is 2 - after payment 3 days of delivery, without spot, is 2 - 3 weeks delivery, urgent need of the buyer is the best buy in advance. 【 About to sign for 】 It is best to the store I sign for it. Be sure to test before when other people to sign for signature. If there is any damage, cut, and so on and so forth fallen directly refuse! And indicate the rejected reasons' transport damaged ring 'we are carefully check before delivery. 【 About the return 】 Because the curtain is made according to the different size of each business, and the size of each business is different, can't secondary sales, so please confirm good curtain rod franchisees carefully the width and height of the required payment again, especially the curtain of well-known brand franchisees, famous brand sales of big, considerate after-sales service, return will be relatively long. 【 About the crease 】 manufacturers are generally after ironing before shipment, but because the curtain fold after shipment, there may be a little crease, after receiving the goods can be used in low temperature ironing after diameter, also can hang up first after where folding Ban warms water, natural hang a few days.
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