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The curtain track installation?

by:Pacific     2020-07-08
The curtain track rail [clearly Don't use curtain box of window] And dark rail [ Use of curtain box of window and hidden] Two kinds big, bright rail is adornment orbit, also known as decorative curtain rod, such as solid wood, aluminum, iron rod. Dark rail: aluminum alloy, plastic [ Nano] , to distinguish the stand or fall of the curtain rod track, need to identify from the material and manufacturing process. track installation method: 1, position when installed in orbit, to do well the overall positioning. Altitude of the window, locate the good overall, to improve our work efficiency, good overall spacing and orbit determination between dimensions. 2, orbit: overall position determine good then you can proceed to the installation of the orbit, when installed in orbit, according to the different types of installation methods are also different. Width has the branch of the size, when the width is greater than 1200 mm, when installation to must do good grasp of the contracted between overall length to the right, with the first installation requirements, in the fixed, equipped with hidden track after installation. Sure good after the installation of the orbit, the need for clip card installed, will clip and rail links together. 3, derrick: after installed to adjust the overall fixed pieces, to determine the effect of the whole. Install the curtain rod rod and rings has been well fixed orbit above, make sure good overall height, the width of the standard installation according to the dual track calculation should be around 15 cm. 4, adjust: here about the curtain rail has almost completed the installation, then we will need to adjust the position of the whole. When different forms of curtain installation regulation is different, if is no window curtain, install the width according to the width of the window to decide, must be wider than the windowsill. 5, note: for the installation of the curtain track, for the bearing capacity requirements of metope is very high, if the bearing force of metope is not enough, it is easy to affect the overall effect, especially the metope of hollow, is not suitable for installation of orbit, this will not only affect the whole metope will also affect our orbit. track installation steps in detail the preparation of the instruments, percussion drill ( 5. 5 mm drill bit) , screwdrivers, hammers, tape measure, pencil, etc. 1, the rail is installed, will install code first buckle on track, the installation of yards orbit while 10 ~ 15 cm, in the middle of the installation code is the average distance space, 1 m 2. 2, and then two people in order to track, install code on the wall, the amount of good need to install the appropriate location, through the screw holes installation code mark on the wall with a pencil. ( General top loading, orbital distance window 2, 3 cm, curtain box of window top dress is installed in the middle; The wall outside the window put, orbital distance on the window frame about 10 cm. ) 3, put down the track, percussion drill holes on the tag, into the bolt. In order to track, screws installation code again, rail wear into the pulley. ( If around orbital wall, such as presidents and curtain box of window length, almost have to wear a pulley first, then fixed installation code. ) 4, finally put the seal, the installation is completed. 5, Siamese side rail default one meter play two screw holes, need not install code, directly drilling screws. 6, curved rail installation method and the rail, bending method is first measured U window or L left or right window width and window on curved track in pencil marks, and then use their knees or rough conduit to resist the location, within the hand rail left and right sides to break, bend arc can be 100 degrees. ( Conditional word, can look for a small wire bent out of shape about looked good on the window, and then curved track in accordance with the radian bending wire size. ) Siamese side rail branch of docking approach is square opening is aligned to the rail and rail bending branches can be connected by installation code.
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