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The curtain track installation method

by:Pacific     2020-05-31
The choose and buy of the curtain track household curtain rail is suspended for a curtain, curtain of convenient opening and closing, increase the curtain and beautiful accessories; track phyletic and various, generally divided into light rail and dark rail, rail has a wooden pole, steel bar and so on, the dark tracks of aluminum alloy, mute orbits, etc. , in recent years, the rise of serpentine curtain track, popular in Europe, Taiwan and other regions. (1) containing box in the curtain rail household soft outfit with curtain box, the curtain of common types of choose and buy, price moderate orbit can, because there is curtain box cover, does not affect the appearance, and high fastness, resistance to use and easy to pull. If you choose the curtain of material compare (heavy Such as: cotton and linen curtains, double craft curtain) , you need to choose better rail bearing capacity, such as: big window curtain curtain of Europe type, can be combined with both male and female buckle or curtain rail during production; (2) no box curtain track no curtain box, the bare curtain track, suggest roma pole or wrought iron pole of choose and buy, appearance, material of wood and metal, prices generally higher than ordinary curtain track, smooth degree is not very good, if the thick curtain in the home, suggest don't choose and buy, easy to cause the curtain rod bending; Europe type style is very suitable for household soft outfit, is beneficial to highlight integral collocation, the curtain is not very thick can choose; Household curtain track considerations of choose and buy: whether containing box or no box, practical and beautiful sex when the choose and buy both need to be taken into consideration, the material of the curtain wants to be coordinated with the style and the overall effect, and consider the curtain rail load-bearing ability. track how to install the curtain rail height curtain track installation be first measured height size. Have single, double or three window rail track. When the window wide to 1200 mm, the curtain rail should be disconnected, disconnect simmer bending stagger, simmer bending should be flat curve, lap length not less than 200 mm. Ming is common curtain box of window first orbit. Should add heavy curtain rail machine screw; After the dark curtain box of window should be Ann orbit. Heavy curtain rail small Angle should be encrypted spacing, wood screw specifications not less than 30 mm. rail lifting the curtain track installation to install lifting clamp, the clamp rotated 90 degrees after linking to the track, with a self tapping screw lifting clamp installed on the roof. But if curtain orbit is concrete structure, it needs to add the self-contained silk. After curtain rail fixed curtain rail connection, the rod or wire mount, pull on the fixing parts. Be flat, elevation consistent with room. track installation standards ( Dual track) And its curtain rail foundation width should be 15 cm or more commonly, monorail according to appropriate reduction. rail curtain track adjustment curtain rail also need to adjust the position, floor type curtain rod or hang the curtain of mesa, install the curtain track should give up when the width of the window, to avoid the awkward curtain droop when blocked and. This doesn't look good, so the curtain track installation should pay attention to adjust. rail to the attention of the curtain track installation ow real stick metope, requirement can't is hollow, otherwise boring, the cover is easy to crack. The curtain track installation fixed to the wall. Fortress of wood to the wall to make a hole with percussion drill to rail fixed on the wood can be.
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