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The difference between Roman rods and curtain rails

by:Pacific     2020-02-15
Roman Rod: The crossbar of the curtain, the cylinder of the shaft, the diameter is about 4 cm, the length depends on the size of the window, and the ends of the rod are gourd-shaped stigma, which plays a decorative role, and named it ancient Roman architectural style. The shaft is horizontally fixed at the top of the window. The rod has a groove as a slide rail and the rod has a ring on the rod. The ring has a pulley on the slide rail to drive the curtain to open and close. Curtain guide rail: a groove or ridge made of metal or other materials that can withstand, be fixed, and be used by equipment. The equipment can guide the mobile equipment or equipment and reduce its friction. The longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of the guide rail is used to guide and fix the guide rails of machine parts, special equipment, instruments and the like, also known as slide rail, linear guide rail and linear slide rail, and is used for linear reciprocating motion, it has a rated load bearing with higher linearity, can withstand a certain torque, and can realize high-precision linear motion under high load conditions, curtain guide rails are mainly divided into two types of roller guide rails and ball guide rails. How to choose the Roman Rod and curtain track in the home improvement curtains, ordinary curtains usually use the guide rail or Roman rod, then which one is better? Today, the Roman Rod wholesale manufacturer introduced the curtain track and Roman Rod for everyone. Let's take a look. Track bar is a kind of curtain hooked on the track and pulled by Hook movement. Unlike the Roman pole, this track is a dark pole. The track bar cannot be limited by the area of the house and can move on multiple tracks, so there is no limit on the length. In the market, the price is relatively cheap, the cost performance is higher, and the service life is longer. If there are irregular windows in the home, the track rod can be bent to varying degrees, and its applicability is very strong. The Roman Rod is a crossbar hanging curtain. The diameter of the cylinder is about 4 cm. The length is determined by the size of the window. The ends of the rod are gourd-shaped stigma, more like Rome. Roman rods generally play a decorative role and have many types. The most common use of curtains with Rome is punching and hanging. The holes in the Roman rod will make the folds of the curtains appear deep and the curtains are very good. After a period of use, it will not deform. But also because of the deep folding, especially the double Roman rod hole, the space between the rod and the wall is enough. Otherwise, in the process of pulling, the inside and outside scenes will 'fight '. Pull ring: the hanging ring is to put several rings on the Roman rod. The overall effect of the pull ring is good and does not occupy space. However, with the passage of time, wrinkles may be very obvious and require regular care. The Roman column is beautiful and has a certain decorative effect. The Roman bar on the Roman bar wholesale market now has many models and is very selective. However, the Roman Rod needs to consider the load bearing problem. Since it has only one, it cannot bear too much weight and the length of the rod should not exceed 3. , Otherwise it will bend the middle of the Roman rod. Due to materials and other reasons, the price is expensive. After introducing simple curtain tracks and Roman columns through small plaits, which of the two curtain rods is a bit familiar. In fact, it is impossible to say which one is better, mainly according to the actual situation.
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