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The function of the curtain yarn is?

by:Pacific     2020-06-03
So today, here small make up with everyone together to detailed understanding some knowledge about the role of the curtain yarn. Develop some everyone's knowledge level, also let everybody to accumulate more experience in life. So, what are the effect of curtain yarn? The small make up would be in the following content to detailed introduction for you. Hope everyone after through the understanding of this paper can also be the yarn curtain effect have more knowledge and understanding. The effect of curtain rod yarn - Privacy about what are the role of the curtain yarn, we can from now to protect privacy, adjust indoor light, this block mosquitoes, drafty and decorate this five aspects to understand. Then we first from the privacy point of view to analyze about the role of the curtain yarn. Actually screens like curtain, also has the effect of protecting privacy, because wire netting has the function of unidirectional perspective, so this time window screen also has a certain role in the protection of privacy. The effect of curtain yarn - Adjust indoor light curtain when the choose and buy, about the role of the curtain yarn, you should consider the protection of privacy requirements on one hand, on the other hand, we also have the demand of the indoor lighting changes. As you all know, ordinary material is compared commonly thick curtain, to meet the needs of everyone to protect privacy, however, is not easy to light curtain is too thick, so in broad daylight time home can also be black, but the wire netting is different, it can adjust indoor light, meet the needs of people for indoor lighting. Therefore, the role of the second yarn curtain is to adjust indoor light. The effect of curtain yarn - Keep out mosquitoes in summer when it is all kinds of mosquito growing season, so a lot of friends at this time in order to block mosquitoes, will be closed the window, to draw the curtains. But when the home will become hot tight. Open air conditioning, it is more easy to catch a cold. And ensure everyone at this time for the effect of curtain yarn is indoor air circulation at the same time, still can keep out live outdoor flying mosquitoes. So this is also one of the effect of curtain yarn. The effect of curtain yarn - Drafty in the understanding of just about the role of the curtain yarn, you know, the effect of curtain yarn has the function of keep out mosquitoes. In the process, however, we also know that in fact the role of curtain yarn and drafty function. Because we closed the window, to draw the curtains for you just for covering the mosquito outdoor, but if indoor tight for a long period of time, so this time will affect everyone's breathing quality. So there is debate about the role of the gauze curtain four is drafty. The effect of curtain yarn - Decoration in the content of the above, we have learned about the role of the curtain yarn, actually are some functions of the role of. In at the last, about the role of the curtain yarn, small make up also is to introduce the is adornment effect. Home alone hang curtain is also can appear too too drab and hard. And if add wire netting, so subtle screens will also add some interesting for interior space. Above is the small make up relevant data on the effect of curtain yarn, hope to be of service.
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