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The kinds and function of the curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-09
The kinds of the curtain rod cloth curtain fabric, according to its different process can be divided into: printed fabric, dyeing cloth, yarn-dyed fabric, jacquard cloth, etc. Fabrics are cotton, linen, polyester, silk, also can mix knitted from concentrated raw materials; Each of the cloth curtain cloth is different, use purposes are also quite different. The role of the curtain: 1, to adjust indoor light, curtain have to adjust the effect of indoor light, can according to the needs of life lighting and shading. 2, protect privacy, the use of the curtain shade outside the line of sight to enhance the privacy of personal space. 3, borrow scene, if the scenery outside the window is not ideal, can use the curtains conceal or modify the scenery outside the window, make the person does not pay attention to it. On the other hand, if the scenery outside the window is very substantial, also can through the curtain to attract the line of sight of people, borrow scene home invasion. 4, protect the furniture, in the sunlight or strong sun western computer window, wooden floor and furniture, carpet, piano under the influence of high temperature high prone to fade and deformation, and even affect the function and use, which has the function of shading bask in the curtain can protect themselves from sunlight, reduce damage. 5, and adjust the room temperature, the summer heat radiation of sunlight through the window into the interior, to summer is about to choose can shading and radiation proof curtain fabric; Spread to the outdoor, indoor heat through the Windows can be thicker curtain, so as to resist cold, adjust indoor temperature. 6, noise reduction, the curtain is room and the medium of communication, also through the window to the indoor outside voice. Using thicker, velvet fabrics such as curtain, can absorb noise, to a certain extent, have the effect of sound insulation to prevent. 7, decoration, colourful, design is rich and changeful style curtain rod's role in the interior decoration is very important. Through different styles and rich and colorful national adornment effect. Whether from the indoor, outdoor or from outdoor indoor, the curtain is habitant express feelings and an important means of communication with the environment. All kinds of characteristics 1, space, color of the curtain must not exceed 3 kinds of color, which is not a color of white and black. 2, gold and silver can match with any color line. But does not include yellow, silvery gray. 3, home is best color gray color: shallow, wall, furniture. 4, kitchen don't use warm color attune, yellow color. 5, do not use the floor tile of dark green. 6, do not put different material but the color of the same material together, otherwise the color scheme is easy to go wrong. 7, if want to make lively contemporary household taste, please don't choose items with big beautiful floret ( Except plant) Try to use plain coloured design. 8, the color of the ceiling must shallow in or be the same as color with metope, when the color of metope is brunet design, the ceiling must use light color. 9, the closed throughout the space, must use the same color scheme. Different closed space, can use different color scheme.
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