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The living room curtains common what hanging method is there?

by:Pacific     2020-05-16
has and our space, style, style evil, function use also use refined enough place. European, Korean and Chinese, shade screens, soundproof shade, ceiling curtain, Venetian blinds, wooden curtain, bamboo curtain, metal curtain, organ shade, electric, manual curtain, curtain, no wonder people in front of the eyes, the window put the curtain in front of eyes, with love, always love! The hang of the curtain method tends to be neglected, and it is the important factor that influences the quality of the curtain. Living room curtains hang the five kinds of common method: 1, pleated type hanging method. Usually, it is divided into single and double two kinds, single layer pleated curtain to create a hazy feeling, and double pleated curtain can effectively reduce the loss of the heating and air conditioning, this method can bring home the feeling of elegant atmosphere. 2, the Roman curtain hanging method. It can choose according to the change of seasons down or pull up, which can be folded in half and naturally have stereo feeling, condole belt, four section at the bottom of the smoke plait, take different forms, such as crystal type reflects the vivid effect. 3, decorative curtain rod shade head hanging. It is relatively economic and practical. Do not need a pulley on the one hand, can be directly hung on the wall inside the curtain rod inserted into the top box; On the other hand, it is suitable for the small window, half type, can be used for producing increases the visual effect of the window. H fold, fold by hand, smoke plait, condole belt, etc. , under the elaborate design, reflect the sweet little woman feelings, let the pure soft went into the bedroom. 4, the veil curtain hanging method. It is given priority to with pendant with a lace, more reflect changes in the shade head design, fan-shaped, W form, folding fan, circular curtain form, such as different shade head and drape design, bring different visual effect, mainly is suitable for ornate household style. 5, flat type hanging method. In a simple and easy design, become the home of the most common method, perforation, thimble, lashing, condole belt, such as form, reflecting the atmosphere relaxed and free life.
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