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The order of the curtain rod installation

by:Pacific     2020-06-08
1, positioning and crossed: install curtain box of window, curtain rod, shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of design center positioning, good leveling line, looking for a good structure. 2, embedded parts inspection and handling: seek after check curtain rod box of window of embedded fixed position, specifications, embedded way whether can meet the requirements of installation fixed, for elevation, pingdu, center, a wall distance measures should be taken to have error processing. 3, check the processed products: check has been processed products that enter the arena, before installation should check the varieties, specifications, assembly structure whether meet the requirements of the design and installation. 4, the installation of curtain box of window: ( 1) Install the curtain box of window; ( 2) Install the curtain rod rail; ( 3) Install the curtain rod.
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