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The purchase of curtains

by:Pacific     2020-02-21
When buying curtains, most people will devote all their energy to the choice of colors. In fact, decoration is only one of the functions of curtains. While paying attention to beauty, the most important thing is to pay attention to the function of the Curtain itself. After the curtain is installed, pay attention to whether the opening and closing is smooth, how the shading is, whether the curtain and the curtain track match, etc, this is designed to a few tips, the following is a small series to introduce to you. 1. Different window types adopt different curtain tracks. It is common to use track special-shaped windows in irregular rooms, such as arc-shaped windows, which are inconvenient to install curtains. Fortunately, with a flexible track design, the curtains can be made to fit the shape of the window, and it is very easy to open and close. 2, understand the curtain composition order, in order to ensure good results, generally use custom curtains. On the order, you will find many details and be sure to understand them clearly. The curtain consists of three parts: Curtain body, accessories and accessories. The curtain body consists of a window, a window body, and a window screen. The window is an indispensable part of the decorative window, generally made of the same fabric as the window. The styles are tiled, pleated, watery, and comprehensive. The accessories are composed of window enamel, account ring, lace, lace, window lining, etc. Accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window straps, counterweights, etc. Choose what you need and know what you want. 3, skillfully use the connection between the curtain and the curtain rod, there are many ways to connect the curtain and the curtain rod: directly punching on the fabric, easy to pull back and forth; The form of the outer cloth bag looks beautiful on the front, but because the friction between the cloth and the rod is large, especially when the size of the cloth bag is similar to the diameter of the rod, it is more difficult to pull back and forth, and the form of the sling is very simple, it is suitable for relatively thin and light fabrics. The way of lacing is also not easy to pull. It is suitable for windows that are not usually used for decoration. It is recommended to buy the curtain ring, which is easy to open and convenient to disassemble and change.
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