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The Roman curtain how to install?

by:Pacific     2020-05-26
A, Roman curtain installation method 1, there are many kinds of the curtain, each curtain all have their own characteristics, nowadays many families prefer to use the Roman curtain, curtain rod has many advantages of Rome. That for the first time to install the curtain of the consumer, would like to know the Roman curtain installation method, below small make up to introduce you to the Roman curtain installation method. First we need to prepare tools, to prepare pliers, screws, etc. 2, the second step is to install the curtain rod, first of all, want to measure good measure first, then drilling and fixed a curtain rod in the hole, install the screws. 3 and then put on the curtain rod hook is installed, installed on the curtain rod, put on the curtain hook must be on the hook, hanging in a fixed hole, thus installed, installation method is very simple, even if is the first time contact to decorate, also is very easy to learn to install method, you can try to install on their own. The Roman curtain how to install? 2, 1 what matters need attention when choosing curtains, you first to pay attention to when choosing curtain curtain fabrics and materials, must choose environmental protection material, there is no harm to human body. 2, when the choice must pay attention to the brand of the curtain, brand is the guarantee of product quality, use rise more security and trust. The Roman curtain how to install? 3, the last also note the size of the curtain, choose according to their interior demand. has become an indispensable part of our everyday life, soft outfit, every family is a curtain, curtain to cover the dazzling sunshine, can protect our privacy, but also can play a great indoor decorative effect, curtains in our daily life plays a very important role. There are many kinds of the curtain, nowadays more and more consumers like the Roman curtain. The Roman curtain already practical beautiful, decorate decorate a small white base for the first time contact, would like to know the Roman curtain installation method, above is the small make up to introduce the Roman curtain installation method, hope can help you.
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