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The sitting room curtain color shui what are taboo

by:Pacific     2020-06-24
What color curtain rod feng shui good luck to the northwest of using white can promote noble, southwest collocation dark brown/ochre increase system stability in the home, southwest use yellow is increase the desires of the heart. Oriental good red symbolizes passion, is conducive to business school; The south green, favorable has catalytic effect to interpersonal relationships. Western yellow, promote type; The northern favorable orange, is conducive to the relationship. Sitting room curtain color what feng shui is the taboo 1, curtain and furniture and the colour of metope is too similar to avoid as far as possible, when many tonal seemingly harmonious good-looking, but if you stay in the bedroom of this color for a long time, mentally has a sense of vertigo. Tonal too uniform, sometimes feel slants cold, such as weak light green metope, adopting the green curtains. 2, a room facing the north, if darker neutral slants cold tonal, can apply to produce elegant emotional appeal; Sun room daylighting is good, optional millet red or yellow curtains, so that the light adjustment into tender astigmatism, coordination of Yin and Yang. 3, pink curtain rod use less as far as possible, have a certain influence on the human brain, can make the person produces cranial nerve weakness, anxiety, fear, angry, and quarrel often happen. 4, the colour collocation of the curtain and ground taboo: red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple color collocation, the colour collocation are together, can let a person produce psychological feeling bad. 5, young people will like the design of some trendy, alternative, which is in geomantic go up to the moral of actually not too good. Say now common skeleton, modelling strange dolls, and a fierce animal, etc. , these are best to avoid, so as to avoid harmful to the host.
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