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The sitting room curtain style points of choose and buy

by:Pacific     2020-06-23
1, modern wind, northern wind, minimalist wind first impression when people into the sitting room, of course, not on the curtain, curtain rod of sitting room what color to attract the attention? If the color is too brilliant fusion style, too simple but elegant can ignore completely; So the first is to find out the colour of the sitting room integration points. Modern, Nordic, and what they have in common the minimalist style is contracted, so a sitting room curtain what color? Black and white ash or low-key deep blue, deep purple is right choice. 2, the European wind, French, British wind elegant wind is their common, from the house is on the disposal of soft outfit is the concept of luxury, what is a good color curtain to highlight their elegant and comfortable? Gold, silver, alternating with white made the curtain of the sitting room can cause attention can also be integrated into the environment. 3, the Mediterranean wind, American country, the Korean rural these three style in common is that they tend to nature concept, the sitting room curtain what color is good to let the feelings show up? Light sky blue, white and brown is right choice, material choice of light in the wind can build a dynamic effect. 4, Chinese style, southeast Asia, the japanese-style they all represent strong ethnic color, sitting room curtain what color is good, of course, is the need to choose according to their furniture, the color is rich but the majority of dark brown color of southeast Asia; Good Japanese what color quietly elegant curtain that allows a sitting room become the hardest choices, but most people will choose with cream-colored floor almost; And the curtain to choose most of Chinese style style is given priority to with brunet.
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