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The sitting room curtain what color the atmosphere?

by:Pacific     2020-06-26
Sitting room curtain color principle of choose and buy 1, to consider the integral effect of the bedroom is the primary factor, according to the different decoration style of the sitting room, choose corresponding curtain design, color and pattern. 2, brunet curtain appears solemn and liberal, rich and classical flavor; Light color attune, pervious to light quality thin curtain cloth, can build give a kind of solemn concise, easy and bright visual effect. 3, if indoor and tonal and downy, can highlight the adornment effect of the curtain, intense color contrast is very appropriate. Has colorful landscape inside the sitting room, for example, or other color more decorations, furniture, etc. , the curtain is best simple but elegant. On the contrary, if the walls of the yellow curtains draped violet will look very stylish. The sitting room curtain to choose what color 1, according to the season and environment in region. Due to high temperature hot summer, chooses the fabric that cool color moves, winter appropriate chooses the fabric that warm color moves, the spring and autumn period and the two season should choose neuter and tonal fabric. 2, can also according to determining the sitting room decorate a style to the color of the curtain. Different styles of decoration elements and colour has certain requirements, then come with integral style collocation also is able to make the whole sitting room environment has become more harmonious and tone. 3, the sitting room the color of the curtain should be close to the ground, such as the ground is purple, the curtain rod is available in pink, peach and so on similar to the color of the ground, but also not the same. Local surface with strong color contrast, furniture can choose ground color as the center; Ground color with weak furniture color contrast, can choose furniture color as the center. 4, if the ground color and the furniture color are not as a reference, also can choose the color according to the light color, orange light warm color department, can match rice white, fruit-green cool color department, such as ivory neutral light system, the optional cream-colored, shallow coffee, reddish warm color department, etc. In addition, when the choice to avoid the disharmony of color matching. Generally speaking, red, green, blue orange, red, blue, purple.
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