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The style of the curtain classification have?

by:Pacific     2020-07-07
style category 1, contemporary and contracted style the feel of the curtain is concise and lively, the pursuit of fashion is the main features of modern style. Stylish curtain is mostly there won't be too complicated design, contracted and fluent line, the color is bright or quietly elegant, with cotton and linen fabrics lightsome and elegant, reflecting the strong sense of. 2, new classical style curtain wandering between elegance and fashion people a new choice, that is new classic style. It is a perfect combination of both, to spawn in the fashion and elegant amorous feelings, in the classical reveal fashionable breath. Innovation and modern element is a typical feature of the neoclassical style. Neoclassical style curtain combining modern breath and classic lasting appeal, retain the colour on the noble, can feel the line from the traditional, ancient ancient incense, exquisite workmanship, concise and lively on both lines of visual sense, on the lasting appeal of classicism adds the elements of The Times, is generally used in capacious sitting room, atmospheric window, suitable to be atmosphere, noble, elegant style of decoration. On colour, use a dark color, such as red, brown, brown and dark yellow, highlight the mottled with line of magnificent showily, show new classical and elegant high-end in decoration. 3, rural style curtain of nature and pure and fresh sense to bring fresh and approachable natural breath. Can show a certain degree of rural life or artistic features, show the natural quiet is the content of the work or school. Rural style curtain often use floral design, vivid. The curtain color is more intense, pay attention to natural flavor, fabric with cotton material is given priority to, more not only comfortable but also good air permeability. 4, Mediterranean style curtain curtain of Mediterranean style gives a person is a kind of atmosphere and romantic atmosphere, very pay attention to bedroom space reasonable collocation. Mediterranean style curtain material use shows a strong European design and sincere, elegant and implicative, curtain integrated coordination. The curtain of Mediterranean style commonly used all kinds of blue, white, or blue and white, give a person a kind of atmosphere and romantic atmosphere. 5, Jane Jane uefa European style style is a good mix of minimalism and agile, bright and traditional European style delicate, luxuriant fashionable style and rich connotation are gradually admired by some young people. Jane European style curtain is given priority to with light, soft and light tone, style and design and color is pure and fresh quietly elegant, simple and with a feeling of Europe type style. 6, American style curtain American style creation is a kind of peace and quiet, return to natural warm, the perfect combination of natural elements and color style, describe the exceptional natural art. Simplify the line, the volume of a rugged, compact design shaped the American style of elegant, bold, delicate cloth art is the contemporary household comfortable and perfect ornament incisively and vividly. American style curtain rod commonly used have prints, manual textile material, can highlight the style of natural writers, elegant leisure artistic conception, color more than in the majority with the white rock of quietly elegant color and antique white, doodle features floral pattern for the mainstream, line is optional, but pay attention to spell able clean, abandon the cumbersome and costly, also easy to do, is suitable for daily use of modern life. 7 Chinese style, Chinese style style curtain rod is given priority to with cotton fabric, yarn and blended materials, with Chinese traditional elements as an ornament, produce a different sense, color is given priority to with light color quietly elegant is composed. Chinese style furniture color is deeper, curtain of light color collocation, in this way can whole bedroom color coordination, the cushion for leaning on that combined with red or yellow, can foil bedroom atmosphere, also can better connotation. Embodies the Chinese traditional house culture unique charm.
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