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This installs the curtain guide rail super smooth

by:Pacific     2020-03-03
Whether the guide rail of the curtain is properly installed directly affects the use of the curtain. Therefore, when we install curtains, the guide rail installation process is the first consideration. General curtain rail accessories have fixed parts, pulleys, expansion screws or self-tapping screws, sealing plugs. The installation method depends on the straight track and the curved track, and the general installation steps are almost the same. Below, the small editor will tell you the basic process of installing curtain guide rails. 1. The line positioning takes into account the firmness of the fixing and avoids the excessive spacing of the fixing parts. The size of the required installation guide rail should be measured first, and then the fixed spacing should be calculated. Generally, the interval between fixed members is not more than 50 cm, and then the positioning line. The accuracy of positioning is related to the success or failure of curtain installation. 2. Installation fixtures require general installation fixtures to add expansion threads to cement walls or roofs. 3. Wear pulley when the window width is greater than 1200, the curtain guide rail should be disconnected, the bending at the fracture should be staggered, the bending should be smooth, and the overlapping length should not be less than 200. When wearing a pulley on the track, be sure to pay attention to the length of the track. The general specification is to install 7 pulleys on a 1 m long track to ensure the force and uniformity of the force after installing the curtain. 4. After the pulley is installed on the window rail at both ends, in order to prevent the pulley from rolling out of the track and avoid the sharp corner at the front end of the track, the front end of the window rail is sealed with a sealing plug and then used. The screw will seal the seal. 5. The card slot and the track connecting the fixing parts insert the curtain rails and rods of the pulley into the slot of the fixing parts, and then place the lifting clamp to make the lifting clamp of the fixing parts 90 degrees from the guide rail, tighten the lifting clamp with screws to tightly clamp the curtain guide rail. Basically, install the curtain track through the above steps!
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