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Three methods of curtain track installation

by:Pacific     2020-02-18
The curtain track is made of galvanized steel plate or aluminum alloy small track, which has good rigidity and can also be used for windows with larger width. The curtain track is provided with small wheels, which is light for pulling curtains and suitable for heavy curtains. Double or three rails are suitable for curtains on the second or third floors. The simplest track can be divided into two types: flexible wire type and stick type. The flexible wire type is 4mm or No. 4 iron wire, which is easy to sag due to thermal expansion and contraction or heavy curtains, therefore, a butterfly nut is set at one end to adjust, and this form is mostly used for small spans (1000-1200 ㎜)Window. The stick type is made of 10 ㎜ steel bar, copper stick, aluminum alloy and other hanging curtain fabric, which has good rigidity and can be used for 1500-Windows with a span of 1800 ㎜. We commonly use the I-shaped, trough-shaped and round-shaped tracks. The I-shaped and groove-shaped are aluminum alloy pieces, and there are several kinds of round wood round rods, stainless steel round rods, steel pipe electroplated round rods, aluminum alloy round rods, etc. Installed in the daily use of the I-shaped window rail. The I-shaped curtain track is installed with the fixed claws that accompany him. When installing, the fixed claws are first set on the I-shaped curtain rail. There are 3 curtains per meter. The fixing claws need to be installed laterally on the wall or on the wooden structure of the curtain box and fixed with screws. Groove curtain rail installation. Groove curtain rail installation, available 5. 5mm drill bit is used to make small holes on the ground of the groove rail, and screws are used to pass through the small holes to fix the groove rail on the inner top surface of the curtain box. Round Rod curtain rail installation. The round curtain rail is supported and fixed at both ends of the round rod. Before the two ends are fixed, the curtain hanging ring should be put into the round rod first. The connection between the curtain and the curtain rail the connection between the curtain and the curtain rail is realized by the hook. Common hooks include curtain fabric wrinkle hooks, clip hooks, needle hooks and round head hooks. Installation of wrinkled hooks. The fabric curtain wrinkling method is to sew the special cloth strip on the top of the fabric curtain, and then insert the four wrinkle claws of the wrinkle hook into the seam of the special cloth strip to wrinkle the fabric curtain, then use a wrinkled hook to hang the fabric curtain on the pendant of the curtain rail. Installed with a hook. The installation with the hook is relatively simple, as long as the upper edge of the curtain is clamped with a clip, and then the fabric curtain is hung on the pendant of the curtain rail with the hook part, or the hook is hung on the pendant of the curtain rail first, then use the clip to hold the fabric curtain. Needle hook mounting. The needle hook is used for the hanging of the wrinkle curtain, and the wrinkle of the curtain is required to have a maximum degree of about 4mm. During installation, the needle part shall be inserted into the wrinkling part of the curtain, but the Needle Rod shall not be exposed, and then the fabric curtain shall be hung on the pendant of the curtain rail with a needle hook. Finally, some of the more luxurious curtains in the modern decoration project are commonly used in the hanging top. There are various styles of hanging curtains. The hanging top can be fixed on the top or side facade of the curtain box. If the curtain box is not made, then the hanging top bracket is required. When installing the hanging top, first nail a row of small nails on a small wooden strip, the nail distance is about 50 ㎜, and press the small wooden strip to the end of the hanging top, and nailed on the curtain box or hanging on the top bracket, after nailing, the hanging top can be turned down.
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