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Tips for choosing curtains

by:Pacific     2020-02-15
The curtain is a soft decoration that matches the curtain track in the home layout and seems ordinary but cannot be ignored. Its function is not only to protect privacy, block light and other functions, but also to coordinate the entire space atmosphere. When consumers choose curtains, they are often easily confused by some surface colors, without considering the overall, functional and practical aspects. Let's take a look at some of the doorways to pay attention to when selecting curtains for different spaces and special areas. (Matching style of curtains and curtain rods)1. Bedroom: reduce noise and protect privacy. Bedroom is the owner's private space and rest place, so curtains should be thick, with good shading effect and sound absorption effect. The style and color of curtains should be warm and pleasant, and the track of curtains should also be silent or with silencing function. Purchasing skills: 1) The bedroom is suitable for the combination of gauze curtain and cloth curtain. The gauze curtain can enhance the warmth of the space, while the thick cloth curtain can meet the needs of the owner for privacy and noise reduction. 2) If you want to better increase the warmth and romance of the bedroom, you can work hard on the style of the gauze. For example, Roman curtains with exquisite layered flowers can add a touch of softness and tranquility to the space, which can improve the quality of sleep to a certain extent. 2. Living room: beautiful cloth, creating a solemn and simple effect, the living room as the main area of the home space to receive guests and the owner's daily life, furniture and accessories should be generous, in order to show the owner's life taste. The fabric selection of the curtains is relatively wide, just create a solemn, simple, generous and bright effect. It should be noted that the living room curtains should be considered to be coordinated with the entire space style in order to achieve better decorative effects. Purchasing skills: 1) Owners who like to watch TV in the living room, the light in the living room should not be too strong, so it is suitable to choose double curtains. You can also wear a thick flannel curtain on the thin sand, or with a layer of blackout cloth, which can enhance the shading effect. 2) If you want to make the light in the living room brighter and more abundant, you can choose curtains made of light colors and thin cloth materials with strong light transmission. It can not only ensure privacy, block too dazzling sunlight, but also create a generous and bright visual effect. The above is the purchase skill of curtains, hoping to help the majority of decoration customers. Bai Ju Yi's window track leads the home textile market with high-quality products and excellent reputation, bringing a distinguished experience to modern home life.
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