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What are the advantages and characteristics of the Roman Rod?

by:Pacific     2020-02-15
Nowadays, in the modern decoration, there are all kinds of curtain tracks, but the best look is the elegant Roman rod, which is named after the Roman architectural style, today, Xiaobian will talk about the difference between the Roman Rod and the ordinary curtain track. 1. The Roman Rod is a very simple and easy-to-install curtain track. Unlike other curtain rods, the Roman Rod comes with a track. The installation only requires a simple screw to put the curtain through the track of the Roman rod. 2. The Roman rod is suitable for a variety of window types, such as small windows, large windows, sliding windows, etc. There are many Roman Rod accessories in the Roman rod manufacturer, and a variety of brackets of different sizes can be freely matched, it can be described as a universal curtain track. 3. The price of the Roman rod is very low. In many curtain markets, or in the shops where the Roman rods are wholesale, the Roman rods are very cheap. One can be used for a few years, and it is very convenient to replace them, it is the preferred elegant and affordable curtain track for very good families or hotels. 4. The Roman Rod generator revealed that the Roman Rod is a curtain track that is very suitable for the theme of the theme, which can enhance the overall decoration taste. In the last article, I introduced the elegance of the Roman rod? And the color of the Roman rod is very much, although most of them are biased towards retro style, but this also illustrates the elegance and taste of the Roman rod. 5. In the selection of Roman rods, the choice of high-quality Roman rods should first look at the material of the Roman Rod, followed by the brand of the Roman rod manufacturer. The material of the high-quality Roman Rod looks very comfortable to touch carefully, moreover, the high-grade Roman rod will also have a faint wood scent, and the workmanship is very beautiful, just like a carefully crafted work of art. Features of Roman Rods 1. The Roman rod is beautiful. The Roman rod is named after the style of the building in ancient Rome. The Roman rod is suitable for use in floor curtains. It looks very stylish when decorated, but the curtains of the Roman Rod and the Roman Rod should pay attention to the color matching, if the color is not well matched, the style is a bit different. It looks very different and ugly. 2. Practicality, the installation process of the Roman rod is very easy, the groove on the rod is used as a slide rail, and the ring can be freely slid.
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