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What are the advantages and disadvantages of linen curtains?

by:Pacific     2020-07-22
The advantages and disadvantages of linen curtains 1, linen curtain cooling fast: the advantages of the heat dissipation performance of flax wool is five times, 19 times that of silk, the weather is very hot in the summer, linen dress can make human skin surface temperature is lower than dressed in silk and cotton clothing 3 - 4 c, all using linen curtains can be very good heat dissipation, the room is not too hot. Inhibition of bacteria: linen has very good effect on inhibition of bacteria and fungi, can effectively prevent some diseases, bed linens can prevent patients lie in bed for a long time when making the bedsore risk, and linen clothing may help some skin, such as common skin rashes and chronic eczema, etc. , all with linen curtain room is not easy to have bacteria. Anti-static: effectively reduce in a static environment of people anxious, headache, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, use linen curtains can avoid people near the curtain rod when the static electricity in the. Allergy anti-radiation: linen curtain is very suitable for allergic skin, linen curtains generally will not cause allergic, still can prevent ultraviolet radiation, the curtain rod to choose linen material is a good choice. 2, linen curtains shortcoming is easy to knit: flax is a natural fiber, toughness is dye-in-the-wood but no elastic, so once deformation, wrinkle easily. Will show the rough appearance and size is not stable. This is because it is easy to cause the wrinkle, hard to avoid in the measurements that will be a little deviation. Easy shrink: linen fabric is also easy to shrink, the first time after cleaning the flax products will have a certain degree of shrinkage, and the more the greater the pure linen shrink, along with the advance of the production process, hemp material curtain shrink issue has gradually improved, consumer can need not worry too much about the hemp material curtain rod shrinkage problem.
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