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What are the advantages of installing curtain box of window?

by:Pacific     2020-04-23
1, the operation is simple. At the time of installation, curtain box of window actually install to the requirement of decorate master technology without too much, as long as you can to nail curtain box of window on the wall, let the curtain rod in a relatively hidden state, may be able to show some beautiful degree of the curtain, also can adapt to any kind of decorate a style, in such a design, have the effect of icing on the cake. 2, concealment and beautiful. Curtain box of window is the biggest advantage of concealment, generally in the position of the window, we all the mets installation rod Rome, Rome pole will be, and after using the curtain box of window, will give you a sense of concealment, so, the unity of the whole appear more, look more beautiful. 3, can install window curtain. In addition, use of curtain box of window, also can install window curtain, window curtain is a decorative details of the curtain, install the window curtain, room adornment effect will be better, usually in Europe type, such as rural decorate a style, suit to install the window curtain. 4, the clean health, cut both ways. In terms of cleaning and hygiene, with advantages and disadvantages. Benefit is that made the concealment type curtain box of window, after the top doesn't have to worry about the problem of dust, and use the curtain rod, Roman them down for a long time, also can accumulate a lot of dust. What are the common problems curtain box of window? Loose 1, curtain box of window, the main reason is that when making bar pine kuang or links with matrix caused by unstable, if is bar and docking is not tight, should remove the curtain box of window, reinstall after repair bar. If it is a link with matrix is not strong, should further tighten the screws, or increase the fixed point; 2, curtain box of window is not straight, the main reason is that when installation without spring line installation, the height difference on both ends and lateral position difference more than the allowable deviation. Curtain box of window should be removed, play after reshipment as required. Decoration can besmear to brush, the surface of the wooden curtain box of window can be paste, etc. , its surface act the role of quality defects will be expressed in the construction of metope. Are the friends that decorate, may wish to consider such a design, choose this kind of installation method is very suitable for home, but in the choice we should pay attention to this kind of curtain box of window, must not covet is cheap, select the product of some quality closes nevertheless, otherwise can also affect the daily life.
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