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What are the basic types of curtain rails?

by:Pacific     2020-02-18
The most common is straight rail. Straight rails are usually used for asymmetric straight walls. They can be installed on monorail or dual rails. Curved guide rails are more used in some L-shaped windows or curved windows because they have very good flexibility. First, the curtain track, the outer layer of the curtain track usually has a magic wand. The window sill and curtains will stick to the other side of the back and then stick directly to the guide rail. Therefore, the guide rail and the straight guide rail are integrated and are usually installed on straight windows or in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. Second, the Roman Rod if you encounter a window without a curtain box design, or if you have some special design requirements, you usually use the Roman rod. Roman rods are divided into two types: Roman rods without rings and Roman rods with rings. When using a Roman rod without a ring, there will be a hole in the top of the curtain fabric, or the back fabric will be connected to the metal ring on the rod; Sometimes other designs are used to make the fabric wear the Roman rod directly. The installation principle of the hanging Roman Rod is the same as the usual pleated curtain. The fabric processing method is based on the processing of curtains and straight rails. There is a small hook on the fabric that can be hung directly on the hanging ring. The traction method is the same as that of the straight rail. Choose a curtain box or a Roman Rod usually we use a curtain track to hide the curtain when there is a curtain box, while the decorative Roman Rod has no curtain box. First of all, we need to know the range of curtain boxes and Roman rods. 1. The curtain box is made of hardware accessories, curtain tracks, etc. according to the design. Curtain boxes are generally made of hardwood dry materials and red and white pine wood with a water content of less than 12% and no deformation of cracks. General Wood processing plants are processed into semi-finished products or finished products and installed on site. 2. Roman Rod for floor curtains. When choosing a Roman Rod, pay attention to the color matching of the ground, wall and curtain. In addition, if the room size is not large, it is best not to choose a more eye-catching color or pattern. So, is it a good curtain box or a Roman rod in home decoration? 1. In European decoration, there are more Roman rods; More recommended Chinese decoration. The benefits of curtain boxes are more: walls and ceilings are seamless. The appearance is natural and generous, can not see the curtain track, strong light protection, the upper part of the curtain is opaque, soundproof curtains with sound insulation. There are also some disadvantages, that is, it must be decorated and constructed, so it is recommended that you consider this issue before decoration. 2. Choose the master bedroom or living room. The bedroom and living room are made of Roman rods. It is easy to install and looks good. It's definitely no problem, it can be double-layered. 3. If the top of the house has a ceiling, it is recommended to use the curtain box directly. It looks neat and upscale, and the curtain of the Roman rod is basically because the top surface is not lost or the design is not considered as a curtain, so it is best to choose the curtain box.
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