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What are the characteristics of window shade?

by:Pacific     2020-07-27
Window shade the characteristics of no side rails and housings, this product is a standard form of shutter, reasonable price has been installed. Not suitable for need completely shading and windy place, because it does not guide and cover. Can be used in the large space using 200 mm tube. The shading cloth use range is very wide, because it has a good shading effect, non-toxic, tasteless, soft, sound insulation, protection of human health, uv protection, etc. It is widely used in the running, rolling, not only is a model of modern home life, is also a kind of trend of international household life and trend, in living in adornment window shade is also essential. Window shade the choose and buy should cooperate season embroidery curtain color, material, should cooperate with the different characteristics of season. Summer USES material thin, transparent, soft yarn or fabric, light color is beautiful. Winter appropriate USES thick texture, fine wool, warm color, thick warm is highlighted. Age season with thick ice silk, cloth, emulation silk is given priority to, colour and lustre with medium advisable. The cotton print curtain, lively and lively, the four seasons all appropriate. Window curtain material 1, window curtain coating material shading cloth at the time of use light blocking curtains, we are generally adopt two layers to design, meet the requirements of the beautiful already so, have a meet the requirements of its practicability. Anti-glare coating material is a kind of curtain we will generally use shading material, it is through on the fabric coated with some paint, with characteristics of shading curtain cloth become more tight, won't make enough sunlight or ultraviolet light. 2, window curtain material some linen shading cloth curtain rod it is relatively heavy, like this kind of curtain it itself has certain shading effect. Flax is similar to the type of shading cloth material, it hang down feeling is good, can directly make the curtain. And it overall texture are partial heavy type, can obscure the light that outdoor, make people get a better rest. 3, window curtain material printed material when selecting a window shade, we can also see the window blind printed material. This kind of material it is through the transfer printing or coating printing way, such as dye color printed directly on the fabric, the printing curtains made with shading effect. Moreover, its printing style is more, be able to choose a variety of printing design. 4, window curtain rod material flame retardant shading shading cloth is also a window shade inside, the material of it is just a little bit similar to the material of insulator, the material is silver. We use this kind of curtain on the outside of the curtain, can let the light good are blocked in the external. Moreover, the curtain of this kind of material it also has a certain flame retardant effect, use is more secure. 5, jacquard window curtain material shading cloth with modern science and technology unceasing enhancement, jacquard window shade is one of the product. It through the professional design, can go to weaving the various design decorative pattern, the curtain is the decorative pattern on it. This will also be able to reach the effect of shading to a certain extent, it also can make different style window blind. Window shade the choose and buy of 1, the choice of the size of window curtain to be decided according to the window size, window curtain size to cover the window curtain can play a shading effect, usually French window and a long box can choose to be born curtain, window sill is higher than the available ground floor window curtain, also can use window curtain. 2, selection of window curtain fabric curtain fabrics, cotton, yarn quality, silk, synthetic fiber, etc, and is suitable for use in a window curtain fabric with flocking curtains and curtain silks and satins, the dense texture of the curtain, luxury, shading sex and sound insulation effect is good. 3, selection of window curtain color generally in the curtain of the sitting room had better choose warm color to move, foil passion, warm atmosphere; The bedroom, you can choose the color of the sweet, gentle, can give a person a kind of romantic feeling; Can choose pure and fresh green curtains in the study, build natural, quiet and quiet atmosphere.
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