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What are the cleaning method for the curtains?

by:Pacific     2020-05-18
The curtain is essential household ornaments, in addition to decoration, curtain played an important role in shading, but will inevitably be used long curtain dust dirt and stains, no matter from the perspective of beautiful or healthy, curtains cleaned once a year at least. The curtains are made of different materials can use the same method to clean? Below small make up take you look at the following several common curtain cleaning method. cleaning method, flannelette, curtain as strong aspiration force velvet curtain, should first hand after remove the curtain will shake a shake, mitigate the enclosed flannelette surface dust, then into a cleaner water soak for about 15 minutes. Velvet curtains with hand washing advisable, after wash is best not to twist dry hard, let dry naturally drops as the best. 2, lace curtains in the general case, decorated with lace style of the curtain is not suitable for cleaning, and also had better not use washing machine to clean, and lace curtains available before cleaning soft brush gently sweep, remove its enclosed surface dust. Three, soft shutter shade this kind of curtain is current used in the family of a curtain. Closed the window before cleaning, spray on its right amount clear water or polish, then use dry cloth, can make the curtain to keep the clean bright for a long time. The curtain rod rope, can use a soft brush to gently wipe. If the curtain is dirtier, can dip in with dishcloth some warm water soluble detergent cleaning, solution of ammonia of usable also a few is wiped. Fourth, washing the shutter curtain shutter curtain, can dip in detergent cleaning on shade, but in when cleaning should pay attention to the area around easy to absorb dust, if too much dust usable soft brush to remove dust, then wipe clean with clear water. Five, cotton, polyester cotton cloth curtain fabrics, polyester as the most common on the market, the curtain material is durable, usually can use wet cloth to scrub, if need to wash, can be directly into clean with clear water and detergent in the washer. Six, canvas, curtain, curtain made of canvas and hemp hemp difficult to dry, so don't directly into clean water when cleaning, can use a sponge to wipe some warm soapy water. Seven, bamboo class finished curtain if you use this kind of curtain in the home, then the best advice before use spray demoulding cleaning agent ( Furniture wax protection also line) Every 1 - 3 months with dry cloth to wipe with wool or stroke. Avoid by all means use wet cloth to wipe, lest leave print. Some wooden shutter is really necessary, the cleaning with water application soft brush with mild detergent ( Such as detergent or washing powder, etc. ) Clean, rinse thoroughly with water, wipe dry after ( Should not be in the sun insolates, otherwise easy to rub off) 。
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