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What are the four skills for buying curtain rods?

by:Pacific     2020-03-10
Four tips for choosing curtain rods 1. The difference between open rods and hidden rods in modern decoration, people prefer to freely choose open rods as the decoration of curtains, the so-called bright Rod means that you need to see the color of the curtain rod and the decorative head. The hidden pole is not easy to find when it is placed in the curtain box. Up to today's use is the Ming pole decoration. 2. The curtain rods sold on the market at present can be divided into wooden and metal. Choose the material of the curtain rod freely according to the different styles of the bedroom and the curtain. The general wooden curtain rod gives people a kind of warm and leisurely texture, which is not affected by the home style and the curtain texture, you can match it casually. The matching of metal curtain rods and soft yarn curtains can produce a rigid and soft effect. 3. The selection of materials is the most important among the numerous materials of curtain rods, the curtain rods made of stainless steel are the most lightweight. Although the wooden curtain rod looks good and the decoration effect is also very beautiful, but the wooden curtain rod is more likely to produce insects after a long time, and the curtain hanging for a long time is more likely to cause deformation such as inclination, however, the curtain rod of aluminum alloy has poor bearing capacity and is not friction resistant. Only curtain rods made of stainless steel can prevent the shortcomings of the above materials and achieve the best results. 4. Look at the Workmanship. When selecting the curtain rod, it is best to carefully check the workmanship of the curtain rod. Many manufacturers today have the practice of cutting corners. At this time, we have to check the wall thickness of the curtain rod. The clear way is to remove the decorative head and look at the material. Generally, the thicker the wall thickness, the less bearing capacity. The four skills for choosing curtain rods are introduced here, hoping to help friends in need.
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