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What are the main kinds of the curtain,?

by:Pacific     2020-06-21
cloth art classification according to the different raw materials can be divided into: 1. Velvet curtains environmental health; Novel fashion, convenient cleaning dye and fiber produces chemical reaction, can penetrate deeply into the depths of the fiber, soft, hang down feeling good, the other side of the fabric color, color fastness to 2. Cotton and linen cloth curtain cloth curtain cloth advantages 1 good wet absorption, curtain rod, soft, the curtain rod cloth fabric, and the role of a certain adsorption dust in the air; 2, cotton curtain cloth appearance simple and rich natural aesthetic feeling, soft luster, dyeing performance is good; 3, alkali resistance and very good heat resistance; Cotton cloth curtain cloth shortcomings: 1, lack of elasticity and not crisp, easy to wrinkle after cleaning; 2, color fastness is not high, easy to fade; 3, sex differences, easy to shrink after washing and contorts ( Shrinkage usually around 4% ~ 12%) ; 4, especially afraid of acid, when stained with concentrated sulfuric acid cotton curtain cloth, cotton curtain cloth was burned into a hole, when there is acid ( For example: vinegar) Accidentally get curtain cloth, should be cleaned in time so as not to cause fatal damage to Mr M acetic acid. 3. Aluminum plastic shutter curtain in traditional concept, shutters is only suitable for the office, not suitable for display in household, now many families are beginning to have a special liking to the blinds. The Venetian blinds shading effect is good, permeability is strong, but unlike cloth gauze shade to block the effect of the flies. So the shutter is more suitable for installation in the kitchen of household, available water to wash away the oil. In order to adapt to the demand of household, the shutter color on the market at present is more, it is no longer the polished white. 4. Wood knits shade at present a lot of people are in pursuit of a kind to return uncut jade to put in feeling, wood woven shade to become a fashion, wooden curtain, wooden knitting weaving, bamboo weaving, reed, cane knits. Wood woven curtain display can show style and taste, in the home basic not pervious to light but has good air permeability, it is suitable for the pure natural style of household, wood knits shade with wood is very exquisite, is a kind of import of hla min wooden, so the price is a little bit higher, every square metre 200 yuan to 300 yuan. Wood texture is many clones on the market, this kind of imitation wood woven shade its material is homebred cypress wood, in the middle of the stick is not straight, and it has obvious defects and black hair. Real wood knits shade hard straight stick, the surface is very smooth. 5. Bamboo curtain and reed screen adornment sex is extremely strong, but some make curtain effect is poor, they are more suitable for display in the of primitive simplicity and the household culture flavour is thicker, hung on a wall, above the display all kinds of accessories. Need to be aware of is the bamboo shade easy to mildew, reed screen the insect, so that more than two kinds of curtain hanging abroad for outdoor use. But their price is very cheap, if use the mildew insect a year later, can be replaced. 6. Rattan cane blinds for various types of wood knits shade, belongs to the most aristocratic products, made from bamboo skin, sun deformation, permeability is good, suitable for summer use. Wood knits shade curtain is not so much as household style decoration. At present household decorates is rugged, return uncut jade to put in style, so all kinds of wood knits shade among the most fashionable household act the role ofing is tasted. But wood knits shade in the evening when using general shading sex is bad, still must add a layer of cloth curtain, outside these limits decided the led curtain trend in the future is still a cloth curtain. Whenever the best tracery is cloth art, just type and material will be constantly updated, so that it can be perfect functional and decorative 7. Dacron polyester curtain cloth curtain rod for the flexible rapier loom or 1515 loom production of special textiles, warp/weft are made by using nylon silk, light, smooth surface is formed after cooling, waterproof, prevent oil, non-toxic, cool feeling has the bright transparent yarn. The warp by intelligent warping mechanism into the warp beam. Directly on flexible rapier loom or 1515 textile weaving nets, then through dyeing, finalize the design after finishing as the final product. Have a bright and beautiful, affordable, etc.
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