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What are the materials of the curtain track?

by:Pacific     2020-02-17
Curtains are an indispensable part of home decoration. Curtain tracks must be selected. Curtain tracks are an important part of curtain decoration accessories. Although it is not very eye-catching, the use of curtain tracks is closely related to curtains, and there are many curtain track materials on the market. Today, the small curtain track wholesale factory will introduce you to how to choose the most suitable curtain track material. The curtain track is an accessory for hanging curtains. Its existence makes it easier to open and close the curtains, and also increases the beauty of the curtains. There are many kinds of curtain track materials, but they can be divided into two major systems: bright track and dark track. Below we will introduce you to these two curtain track materials. First, most of the dark rails in the dark Rail home decoration market are made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy used for the curtain track is usually treated by peroxidation, even if the curtain track is used for a long time, it will not crack due to oxidation, and the price of aluminum alloy material is not very high, so more people use it, and a black track material is nano track material. The so-called nano track is also a relatively advanced plastic material. By adding some toughening agents and antioxidants to increase the service life of the track, this material is low in cost and light in weight. The low-end market is very popular, but the material is white or plastic in nature, and there is a certain gap between the service life and aluminum alloy. From a decorative point of view, dark tracks and bright tracks are even worse. The type of dark Rail material is relatively simple, and the decorative pattern is less. The dark curtain track is installed in the curtain box. No matter what material you look at from the outside, there is no difference. This kind of decoration seems to lack diversity and bright spots. If it is a family with high decorative requirements for curtains, it is recommended not to use dark rail curtain track materials. Second, the Ming rail Ming iron is a curtain track for modern home decoration. Ming track is a collective name that includes Roman tracks and decorative tracks. Common Open guide rail materials are solid wood, aluminum alloy and steel pipes. Solid wood is a more commonly used curtain track material. Solid wood tracks have more colors. If you want to choose this kind of curtain track material, it is recommended that you pay attention to whether the surface color of the material is uniform and whether the master quality is smooth, which can directly reflect the quality of the product. There are still many people using aluminum alloy lighters. The curtain track of aluminum alloy mainly depends on the thickness of the track wall. It is definitely not too thin. Steel pipe is the common name of curtain track material. The surface of the material will be sprayed ,. When purchased, it is also the quality of the spray. The decorative track of the Open guide rail is better, the structure is simpler and more convenient. The curtain box has also been reduced. However, the sliding of the transparent guide rail is not smooth and is not suitable for thick curtains. Therefore, large windows usually use darker tracks, and dark tracks are less decorative and have particularly good bearing capacity. About the curtain track material Xiaobian introduced so much, the advantages and disadvantages of the open rail and the dark rail are also elaborated, the decorative decoration of the curtain can not be underestimated, choosing suitable curtain track materials is equivalent to laying a good foundation for curtains.
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