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What are the precautions for curtain rod installation?

by:Pacific     2020-03-16
Curtains can give full play to the finishing point in the decoration of the room. Everyone spent a lot of thought when buying. Similarly, we should also pay attention to the installation of curtains. Let's take a look at the installation methods and precautions of curtains and other relevant information! Abstract, after you choose a good curtain, you only have to install it. Only when the curtain is installed well can the curtain give full play to its due role, if there are often minor problems in the installation process, it will have a very negative impact on the overall effect. When Xiao Bian saw some curtains installed, he fixed the curtain rod too high, which finally caused the curtains to be too high from the ground, and the final effect was very ugly, therefore, we must keep in mind the precautions in the curtain installation process. Precautions for curtain rod installation: 1. It depends on the situation. If the wall is made of wood, just eat the screws of the installation track directly on the confirmation position of the wood. If the wall is made of cement, you must use an electric drill to make holes in the confirmed position, then knock in the special nylon expansion pipe, and then plug the screw into the special nylon expansion pipe to tighten it. 2. Precautions for curtain hook installation if the curtain hook is used to fix the curtain, different installation methods of the hook can be used to form different curtain folds. However, it must be noted that the distance between the curtain hooks is distributed as evenly as possible, and the calculation is first; Find the corroded hook and replace it immediately, otherwise the curtain cloth will be polluted by water. In actual use, the number of pins inserted into the slot can be adjusted, or 3, or 4; The number of strap slots at intervals between each two hooks can be adjusted so that the effective width of the curtain can be changed. 3. The installation is guaranteed to be stable and does not want to be installed. It will soon fall off. This is very bad. Therefore, when installing, pay attention to selecting the bracket matching the pole. If the bracket is too small, perhaps the bracket is easier to be damaged. On the other hand, the contact surface between the too small bracket and the wall will be very small, and the number of nuts installed or the size of the nuts will be limited, in this way, it is easier to make the installed curtain rod unstable. 4. Ensure that the length of the specification and horizontal curtain rod should be much larger than the width of the window cover to prevent light leakage; The installation of the curtain rod should be horizontal, and the installation of the curtain rod should be monitored with a reference rule when necessary. 5. The timing of curtain rod installation is free to choose. It is best to freely choose to install the curtain rod after the new house has been abandoned or before the last cleaning. If it is installed too early, the curtain rod will be covered with thick dust, it's too late to clean and do it for nothing. At the same time, Roman poles are best equipped with curtains, while curtain rails and rods can be installed early. It is best to consider what kind of track to install when decorating. More relevant wonderful reading: curtain installation steps, it is not difficult to install it yourself, how to accurately install the rolling curtain? We have made a detailed introduction to the contents of the curtain rod device. I hope these introductions can solve your decoration problem.
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