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What are the style of the curtain classification

by:Pacific     2020-07-13
The style of the curtain cloth art category 1, according to its structure is simple and easy, guide rail type, cassette 3 kinds. About two and a half, according to daylighting partition pervious to light, pervious to light, not pervious to light three. 3, according to the form of division of ordinary curtain: used in the window of a window box. Can match shade eyebrow, not orbit. Make the appropriate on fixed discount, convenient installation to clean. Litre fall shade: similar to shutter suspension method, folding up. According to the strength of the light and lift up and down. Roman hin: common not install window box form, adornment sex is strong. Popular condole belt, convenient quiet, interpretations of the orbit of European style to choose a belt pulley is conducive to the use of the curtain. More than 4, according to the length of the window divided into: used in the living room, use large Windows of be born glass. Wave window: Hong Kong style modelling, it is suitable for wide windowsill. Half window: according to the type of window, curtain hem more than 30 centimeters windowsill and level ground. High shade: suitable for more than 3 meters space type window. What cloth curtain hanging method 1 and vertical curtain the curtain of the design is the most simple, can buy cloth, cloth, decorative cloth, etc. , according to the size of the Windows themselves. by ring at the top, and stumble, do barrel, through the curtain rod can be used. The top of the curtain and no fold, single fold, double fold, etc. 2, top cover type curtain top cover type is hanging curtains and a more economical way, and because this method does not need the pulleys, hooks, and smoke plait, the curtain rod wear directly into the top set of hanging on the wall and the top of the curtain rod to fold zone lining cloth and become, top topped with falbala, its decoration is more gentle, more this style for smaller window. More than three, the door curtain to open the door curtain for larger Windows, a curtain around each, can be opened entirely, can also be sheared hang. At the top of the multi-purpose curtain ring set into the rod or bar, a pulley on both ends, with the wire to the switch. 4, vertical cross fancy curtain in section pleating occurrences such as curtains, forming a regular arc crepe fold, fold down loose, pull up plait. If use luster of silk, it has more bright beautiful fruit. On both sides and bottom edge of the curtain can use different color system of lotus leaf edge. 5, the upper vertical curtains curtains on the window curtain, vertical lift, the depth depends on the size of the window and window design, short curtain can design of 10 to 15 cm; Between 20 and 30 cm long curtain right design. The lower side of the veil can be designed into BianShi wave, lotus leaf, flower BianShi, etc. 6, form vertical curtain antependium form hanging curtains curtains for more luxurious rooms, the purpose is to increase the beautiful of the curtain, magnificent interior foil atmosphere. Because of its materials, high prices, making trouble, need according to the room, in the design of specifications. The flower portion usually starts from the top, using lever or frame on the window of a circumference, some folding has been dragging on both ends to the floor, to produce a unique effect. Surround its method has two kinds of symmetric and asymmetric.
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