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What are the types of household curtain rods?

by:Pacific     2020-03-17
It is very important to choose a curtain rod with excellent quality in home decoration. It is not only a bridge connecting curtains, but also a guarantee for people's safety. There are many varieties of tracks, curtain rods and so on in the market, and it is difficult to distinguish between good quality and bad quality. But what are the types of curtain rods used by families? Which quality is better and which quality is worse? 1. Solid wood rod, this kind of solid wood curtain rod is easy to be bent and deformed or even cracked due to the dry climate environment in the north. Therefore, for families living in this climate condition, in fact, it is not recommended. However, plastic is usually added to the curtain rod of this material on the market to make it more wear-resistant. However, this curtain rod has various colors, and can be divided into covering color and transparent color according to different types. The surface of this kind of solid wood rod in the vast majority of markets will be treated, sometimes it will be very smooth, sometimes it will be evenly painted, and of course some will be decorated. 2. The curtain rod made of aluminum alloy rod is very common in the market, perhaps the most typical representative answer among the types of curtain rods. Its hardness is not particularly high, relatively thin, and easy to deform. When it is different, it can be seen by looking at the thickness of the wall. Its surface is usually treated, and the pull ring design is commonly produced by recycled plastic in the market. The process may be rough, so the time will not be particularly long. 3. The curtain rod made of steel pipe Rod is also called an iron rod. Its hardness is almost the highest among all curtain rods, which is not easy to deform, and its surface is usually painted, more technologies such as wood grain, foreskin and electroplating speed will also be carried out. To see whether this material is good or bad, it only needs to see whether his surface is smooth and smooth, whether his color and pattern are consistent, and whether it is easy to fade, however, basically after several electroplating processes, these problems will not occur. From all the classifications, the curtain rod made of this material is actually the most worthy of choice for the owners, but because the quality is better and the advantages are more, so the price will definitely be on the high side. In fact, among the problems of the types of curtain rods, there is another common classification of curtain rods, namely plastic-steel window connecting rod. However, this product is a short-term use product, usually a one-time use item, and will not be used for the second time after one use, therefore, he will not be used in home decoration most of the time.
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