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What are the typical features of flame retardant curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-21
The characteristics of the flame retardant curtain, fire rating: 1 GB/T5455 - 1977 standard M1, B1 level. 2, environmental standards: GB50325 - Chemicals in the 2001, fabric content must not exceed national standards and specification requirements of the latest release. 3, fire-retardant curtain fabric of harmful substance content meet GB1840 - 2003 national textile product basic safety technical specifications. 4, fire prevention standards: GB/T5455 - 1997 5, craft: oily be soiled, be able to bear or endure dirty, easy to clean, anti-fouling, mouldproof, dirt, color soft, resistance to deformation processing. 6, the effect, the performance: not wrinkle, do not fade, sunlight fastness 5 - Level 6, no peculiar smell. 7, formaldehyde content: with the national standard E1 emission standards, and PVC coated polyester fiber as raw materials carefully weaving products, not containing glass fiber composition. Material flame retardant curtain cloth is a special polyester fiber as raw materials carefully weaving products, used in polyester fiber has better than modulus and resistance to impact, lighter weight, more resistant to twists and turns. Meet fire curled, carbonization, not drip, open flame in flame retardant from extinguish, spread, non-toxic, repeatedly washing is not failure, permanent flame retardant products, in line with the B1 level standard ( GB 17591 - 1998). 。 The product has the function of unidirectional perspective, as well as obtains a good landscape vision, and can guarantee indoor confidentiality; Its pattern design and color is simple and elegant, fashionable and generous, is the best-selling Europe and the United States in recent years, Australia and other emerging environmental protection adornment material, sale and use at home is still in its initial stage. Flame retardant curtain of choose and buy price calculation method and the traditional curtain price calculation method is different, the former is the custom, almost all have no fixed design, according to the demand of itself, the price theory of general square meters calculation. In addition, flame retardant curtain price also will change because of different styles and shading degree, details as follows: 1. Window and window curtain would be a good air permeability, prices in 99 - as a whole Between 350 yuan/square meters, is a shade more, with balcony, study and toilet are available, and is the basic office also. 2. High shading shading flame retardant curtains will be a bit cheaper price, average price in 80 / square meter or so, more used to the bedroom, design and color is very rich, are free to choose from. 3. Full shading full shading flame retardant curtain prices lower, in the 69 - Shading between 189 yuan/square meters, has a strong ability, but more for pure color, domestic outfit for the contracted style can rest assured to buy this one. In addition, the main flame retardant curtain rod is divided into three categories, cloth art is a kind of curtain, Venetian blinds, curtain, curtain is a kind of vertical, shutter is category. The first two kind of flame retardant curtain price difference is not very big, the average in each square meter one hundred yuan of above, shutter is the cheapest, generally in about 60 yuan/square meter.
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