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What companies are developing retractable curtain rod independently in China?
As the global demand for retractable curtain rod continues to increase, you will find more and more Chinese manufacturers emerging. In order to remain competitive in this evolving society, many suppliers are beginning to focus more on the ability to create their own independent production projects. Wenzhou Pacific light industry co., LTD. is one of them. The ability to develop independently is very important and demanding, which may lead to excellence in commercial enterprises. As a professional supplier, it has always been committed to creating research and development skills to better enhance its competitiveness and create more innovative and modern products.

Pacific is a China-based manufacturing company specializing in design, development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of metal wire curtain rod. Pacific focuses on providing a variety of curtain rod sets for customers. Pacific [cafe curtain rod undergoes curing and post-curing of epoxy resin. Post-curing is highly essential for bonding epoxy resin with a printed circuit board(PCB), meanwhile, it is also a thermal aging process for LED. Anti-moisture is one of its highlighted features. The product has the characteristics of good elongation. Its fiber has been treated with elasticizer which can enhance the stretching force between fibers. There are no lacquering or plating faults found on the product.

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