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What is a good cloth buy cloth curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-12
Process 1 cloth curtain rod fabrics, reactive printing on plain fabric with rotary screen or transfer printed on colour, design, colour is gorgeous, rich and exquisite patterns. Features: use the reactive dyes, has a good solid color, soft handle, soft and comfortable, the color bright rich colors, fabric environmental protection do not fade. 2, yarn-dyed jacquard fabric with warp and weft are ground on the fabric for jacquard weave a raised design, fabrics woven by jacquard process, called jacquard cloth. Features: good color before weaving, yarn dyed bright lines. Jacquard effect significantly and rich color soft, is a high grade product of jacquard. 3, high precision jacquard is refers to the fabric weaving warp/weft density reached more than 200 count, out such textile fabrics can achieve fine texture, pattern and chic, good flexibility, good drape effect. Features: design and chic, colour and lustre is dumb light, soft handfeel. Because of its process complicated and tedious, commonly used to make high-grade clothing and star hotel soft outfit design. With the improvement of living standards, are widely used in modern home decoration design gradually. Very suitable for the sitting room, such as their use. 4, chenille jacquard chenille jacquard, also known as chenille, is a new kind of fancy yarns, with two strands of thread core pile, by twisting the camlet spinning caught in the middle. Features: plump thick texture, feel, have good moisture absorption, air permeability and designs have layers, AoTuGan is strong. 5, embroidery is on the good fabric that have already been processed, with needle fuses, carried out in accordance with the design requirements for puncture, through the operation will be embroidered quad woven a kind of art of all kinds of design and color. A flat embroidery, bead embroidery, towel embroidery, ribbon embroidery, water soluble yarn and so on. Characteristics: strong stereo feeling and good color fastness. Because there are many different kinds of embroidery, embroidered with a variety of beautiful decorative pattern, can be favored by consumers. 6 is cotton, cotton, imitation cotton and linen cotton cloth containing ingredients of flax, cotton and flax as raw materials of textile, after dried, threshing machine, the separating seeds and cotton fiber composition, through the machine, after spinning and weaving into line, cloth, finally after dyed and finished products. Characteristics: good permeability, antistatic ball, dust absorption rate is low. 7 flocking, velvet, velvet is generally referred to as the cut pile fabric. Flocking fabrics in all kinds of cloth as the backing, positive plant fluff nylon wool, or rayon, after baking steaming and washing. Features: suede rich feel soft, colour and lustre is bright beautiful style chic, ventilation moistureproof. 8, black silk shade in traditional fabric woven with black silk, high-density black silk weaving, plain weave instead of traditional chemical coating, shading effect. Effective absorption of shading, lengthen the service life of the shading fabric at the same time. Features: fabric thick straight, crisp to crinkle. Shading effect is good! Very good! Very good! Sleep quality guarantee! 9, cationic embossing choose twill weave, in water-jet loom weaving, successively after preshrinking, stereotypes, dyeing and finishing, embossing and other major finishing. Features: cloth novel and chic, has the good sense and vertical crease resistant effect, good color fastness and shape stability.
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