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What is a good color curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-26
the merits of different color 1, white white curtain, give a person the feeling of find the scenery pleasing to both the seem easy, graceful and restrained, elegant. White is one of the most comprehensive nature color, it contains all the colors of the composite. White curtains can be very good through the sunshine, hazy feeling to the person. But the downside is easy to dirty, a bit of a flaw is exposed. But white curtains that one of the most popular of the curtain, the metope of the sitting room is white or colorful wallpaper, can match the good adornment effect. If you have no too many requirements, the color of the curtains so you don't have to consider the sitting room curtains in what is a good color, can choose the curtain of white big party. 2, grey rarely someone choose grey curtain, because gray the sense that gives a person is dirty, look feel no taste. But gray curtain is very suitable for the sitting room area is small, its shading effect is very good, others through the curtain is no indoor situation, unless you stand blocking the light leads to the light out of the window. Of course, if you are a simple, low-key person you like, you also can choose gray curtain, although this can make you more low-key. 3, brown coffee color should be dark purple with a little black. Just like chocolate, with noble temperament. Brown curtains adornment effect is good, especially in the breeze under the let a person enchanted. Its sunshine filtering effect is good, strong sunlight through his only remaining moderate bit sunshine, make whole and interior are big wonderful. But brown curtains with wallpaper effect will be better, if the window around the wall is white, then may be adornment effect is not so ideal. 4, purple purple itself has a romantic and elegant temperament, also has a mystery. Purple curtains in the living room, will enhance the temperament of the sitting room, watching romantic and elegant. Sunlight through the purple curtains and mapped to in the sitting room is only slightly purple light. But not all of the sitting room suit with purple curtain rod, if indoor adornment effect is very general, or already old, it doesn't suit with the purple curtains. Purple and curtain for material is very good, can't fold, looking at smooth, otherwise the effect will be discounted. Sitting room curtain color choose summary for the curtain color, the dark curtain appears solemn generous; Light color attune, pervious to light quality of thin curtain cloth had better, can build give a kind of solemn concise, easy and bright visual effect. The sitting room the color of the curtain is best selection from the sofa decorative pattern, such as the meaning type sofa of white with pink and green, often I might as well choose pink or green curtain cloth, can mutual echo. If indoor and tonal and downy, and in order to make the curtain more adornment effect, can use the technique of sharp contrast, such as the walls of the yellow curtains draped violet; On the other hand, if inside the sitting room has bright colours of landscape painting, color or other more decorations, furniture, etc. , the curtain rod is best simple but elegant.
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