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What is a good material to the living room curtains

by:Pacific     2020-06-27
of sitting room what good curtain rod materials include cotton, hemp, yarn quality, silks and satins, flocking, bamboo qualitative, synthetic fibers, etc. Sitting room need privacy is not so high, and want to have good daylighting, can refer to the curtain of bright hall darkroom principle of choose and buy. Adornment sex is strong, good pervious to light, let a sitting room with depth yarn woven curtain is very good; Bamboo curtain rod texture clear, daylighting effect is good, and moistureproof, mouldproof, do not fade, is suitable for the sitting room; Artificial fiber curtains easy washing and durability is also very suitable for the sitting room. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere indoors, can choose light or half light transmission organ shade; Want to let the beauty came out of the window, silk soft shutter is a good choice; And what the artistic conception of a vertical curtain rod hanging also is right choice. of sitting room what ever-changing pattern of beautiful curtain, seems to be all sorts of style has its own design. Such as the UK wind Scotland plaid, striped, wind patterns, Chinese palace ou both elegant and so on characteristics. The adornment that occupy the home to match curtain window screen, usually with lace, window curtain curtain combination, rich layers, strewn at random have send, elegant and delicate, very popular. Has a great effect on the indoor atmosphere foil curtain design, pure and fresh and lively pastoral scenery has the feeling of nature, lively colour is gorgeous geometry gives a person the sense with majestic atmosphere, delicate and exquisite traditional style, give a person the sense with classical beauty.
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