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What is the best material curtain rod

by:Pacific     2020-07-03
Choose the curtain rod, in my opinion: 1, the curtain, for indoor use Roman rod rod with Rome, as far as possible for? Live in the present because it is over, now the curtain rod is the mainstream, perhaps in a few years will also be new, but now too. 2, because the curtain cloth is more and more tend to be heavy and simple sense, 50 yuan/meters had better choose the Roman curtain rod, curtain material good if in orbit, some take the wrong car, not reflect a good curtain rod material quality. If it is 30 - The curtain of 50 yuan, can track can be Roman rod. 3, window screening, in order to reflect fold effect, such as some balcony only a layer of wire netting, the curtain rail is a good choice, good screens with curtain rod effect is better. Just buy Rome pole when choosing double pole. 4, choose Rome pole position and track of the decision is placed, if the window near the roof distance, cannot install rod Rome, Rome bar at the top of the distance from a certain distance, if low over the top of the window, can affect the window is used, only into orbit. curtain rod: hang curtain rail, shaft cylinder, about 4 cm in diameter, length according to the window size, rod ends for gourd shape column head, decorative, named after the deep similar to the style of the ancient Roman architecture.
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