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What is the characteristic of sound insulation curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-19
Sound insulation curtain characteristic of sound insulation curtain, as the name implies, it in terms of sound insulation effect this better than the traditional general curtain. Sound insulation curtain was made and new materials, is now a new curtain varieties. Sound insulation curtain rod has the following characteristics: 1, sound insulation curtain rod manual and remote control two scroll mode, its installation is very simple, maintenance is convenient. 2, sound insulation curtain sound insulation quantity increase up to 8 ~ 12 db ( Large amount of low frequency noise) But instead of the second floor of the double layer sound insulation window window; And used alone after volume up to 20 decibel noise barriers can be used as an indoor activity. 3, sound insulation curtains when cleaning is very convenient also. Can choose to wash the fabrics. 4, sound insulation curtains shading and not two kinds of window function, its heat insulation heat preservation and heat insulation effect, not the interior space area. 5, sound insulation curtain material environmental protection and health, does not contain formaldehyde. Sound insulation curtains sort is more, on the market and has a variety of design and color fabrics to choose from. Sound insulation curtain material 1, flocking flocking fabrics is the first choice for sound insulation curtain cloth curtain. Flocking cloth curtain is mainly made of polyester fiber foaming coating, acrylic resin is a do not contain PVC fabric, from the environmental protection performance is better, not easy to fade. Because the curtain cloth with filament hairs, sound-absorbing the effect is better, we often say the sound insulation of the curtain cloth curtain fabric is mainly refers to the material. 2, chenille curtains chenille curtains than the sound insulation effect of flocking curtain nearly a little, but better than that of other sound insulation curtains. Chenille yarn curtain cloth has a feeling of thick, with luxury showily, soft, suede, plump and good drapability. 3, canvas, canvas curtain because of its thick texture so sound insulation effect is good. Can satisfy the general noise environment. The sound insulation of the canvas curtain to noise has some relief. The choose and buy of sound insulation curtains 1, when the curtain of sound insulation of choose and buy, not only to understand sound insulation material of the curtain, to know more about the making craft of sound insulation curtains and so on. Because of people's demand for sound insulation is different, so everyone in the choose and buy when, want to undertake choosing according to own actual situation. 2, good sound insulation curtain, it will be through the national quality testing, will not cause harm to human body, so the choose and buy, be sure to check the quality of sound insulation curtain rod. 3, the better the quality, its brand reputation is, the better, so you had better choose big brand, when the choose and buy to avoid buying inferior insulation curtains.
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