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What is the corner window

by:Pacific     2020-07-22
The corner window in household decorate a design in common window, it can be the best use of space, and at the same time to say goodbye to daylighting blind Angle. Actually the corner window to use method also is the same as the ordinary window, mainly divided into two kinds. First, if the window is smaller at the bottom of the window from the land far away, can be the window to make a desk, on the other side can also be a bookcase, can maximize the use of space. The second is if the window is larger at the bottom of the window is apart from the ground namely close, along the window can be a window ark or couch couch rice, so that the window can see the scenery, and receive the effect. Corner window, how to choose the curtain with the corner of the window on the window as a whole is not a straight line, more and more is right around the corner, this time we don't use the traditional directly put the curtain pole is fixed on the wall. Because even if the curtain is divided into a few, the curtain rod rod also there is a Angle. By using the principle of mechanics on the triangle to support the most solid, the best way is on the ceiling first fixed bracket, then corner curtain pole is fixed on the bracket. Color choice considering the summer weather is hot, as far as possible choose light as the color of the curtain, because the dark material is easy to absorb the heat of the sun, make the room temperature. In addition, the corner window curtain also should be those who unite is tonal, can't use different color in different directions on the window curtain, feel the time is very not harmonious. How to hang the curtains around the corner, 1) Decoration of curtains shade curtain hanging method is mainly on the design of the curtain head, it reflected the change of, usually have fan, w-shaped, three folding fan, and circle. Different shade and folding design, visual effect is different, this kind of curtain is suitable for the ornate household style. ( 2) Pleated type hanging method have the corner Windows how to hang the curtains? In the usual situation, the curtain rod of hanging curtain divided into single curtains and double curtain. Single-layer curtain can cause hazy feeling in indoor, and double curtain can effectively reduce the loss of indoor heating and cooling. In general, this kind of curtain can bring the feeling of elegant atmosphere family. ( 3) Roman shade to hang the Roman curtain hanging method can choose according to seasonal change is a kind of curtains or pulled the shade down, and the method of natural shade is folded, Rome more stereo, its four condole belt, folding, at the bottom of the crystal type has different forms can perfectly reflect the vivid effect. ( 4) Flat type hanging straight type hanging method is a kind of concise and easy design pattern, it is also a common household curtain curtain, hanging it basically is to use punch, rings, rope, sling hanging way, such as the relaxed atmosphere of life. The corner window curtain installation method ( 1) Hang curtain, first determine required for each side curtain rings and the number of hook, only make sure the number of ring can be well prepared. ( 2) Fold into twenty percent form, after folding curtain, in the place the fold is hanging ring and hook, folding folding part less than or equal to the number of your ring number is ok. ( 3) When the curtain hangs, pull the curtain to the middle, make the curtain finally a hanging ring gets stuck, curtain won't all run to the middle. ( 4) On both sides of the curtain rod installation hook, waiting to install the middle curtain rod, when in the middle position, askew words will lead to the curtain is generally not fully open, and the other side is completely open long enough.
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