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What is the difference between a Roman rod and a curtain rail?

by:Pacific     2020-02-16
1. The Roman Rod curtain track will not be trapped in the middle- Because most Roman rod manufacturers will form two curtain rods, one of which slides into the other, leaving a bump or seam, and the curtain board is often stuck. In addition, if you need to hang a long pole, you will need to place a support bracket in the middle, and the curtain cannot pass. Curtain Track bracket does not interfere with the movement of the curtain, the track can be installed end to end, so that a smooth continuous line, as long as necessary. Thanks to the carrier and other curtain hardware, the curtains can be pulled smoothly and easily along the length of the track without being caught. 2. They can carry their own weight, even more. Curtain tracks are not only supported at the end, Roman Rod curtain tracks are supported by brackets or other curtain hardware on a regular basis. They can easily keep long, heavy curtains without sagging, because some sticks already know over time. 3. They are not just for Windows. Most curtain rods are used to decorate windows-Flat windows. Because the curtain track can be installed on the wall and ceiling, and some are flexible (For example, we do Roman Rod curtain rod wholesale) They can be used for almost anything anywhere. If you need a curtain as a bay window or corner window, as a door, as a virtual wall to cover up your TV in unused or create privacy, in your cubicle, a stick will not finish the work. 4. They will make your windows look beautiful. Roman Rod curtain tracks give you more decorative choices than sticks. The rod allows an appearance, but the curtain can be configured in any way, which is also one of the advantages of the Roman Rod. Look at the advantages and characteristics of the Roman rod in detail. You like to be on the track. Some tracks, such as the 3120 Roman Rod curtain track, can even be inserted into the ceiling so that it is essentially invisible and gives a seamless floor-to-ceiling appearance to see the curtain.
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