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What is the distinguishing feature of the curtain of Europe type style?

by:Pacific     2020-07-12
The characteristics of the curtain of Europe type style 1, appearance the curtain of Europe type in shape, material and match has many advantages. From the design point of view, the curtain of Europe type wind with bracket design, using metal to produce fine, craft exquisite, and indoor can form a perfect match. In its appearance with good coating will look more beautiful. 2, the material on the material selection of the curtain, generally choose the material is the fabric line is not easy to drop and fluff, joined in the design of the needlepoint when weaving, whether it's nature's design or classical art abstraction of romance, make it up to the highest. At the edge of the curtain will also add a splendid hang adorn, looks more noble. 3, process in terms of technology, the first is the curtain at the top of the box with the light of metal or plastic, in surface coated with a layer of non-toxic odorless after coating appears pure and fresh and natural. Internal structure by design has put the curtain when can make the curtain with folding floating feeling, show the subtle stereo feeling. 4, style of Europe type style of the curtain is diversiform, have overrun by rural wind, sweet wind and modernism. Concrete is depend on the design and color of the curtain to achieve outstanding style. USES light lines woven patterns, patterns, with light color warm color can create the style of rural style. With bright colors and simple lace outline can show the modern nobility. 5, pervious to light curtain of Europe type the last advantage is pervious to light and daylighting sex is good, in foreign countries, westerners are fond of polarization, so curtain of course is designed to be able to highlight in the sunshine indoor furniture aesthetic feeling, but also can make the curtain slowly under the light brightness. of Europe type style color tip 1, the overall color requirements noble, elegant is a feature. The furniture of light color attune, all show nobility is elegant, classic European style, optional golden furniture, if is Jane Europe type, suitable for design of soft warm color furniture. 2, black + white + grey: if you like the simple sense of of primitive simplicity and elegant, classic choice of gothic, Mediterranean furniture. Primitive simplicity wind furniture, suggestion is given priority to with black or grey. Black and white and create a strong visual effects, the gray is blended in among them, moderate visual conflict feeling, make the space is full of the feeling of modern and future, reason, and professional. 3, blue + orange: modern with blue department and orange department give priority to color collocation, the modern and traditional, ancient with today's meeting, creating the feeling of both the reality and flavour restoring ancient ways. These two kinds of color can give space is a kind of new life. 4, blue + white: tender feeling blue, give a person the feeling of high cold. Sapphire blue, have the effect that make the finishing point, activate the life, let kitchen rich move feeling, and create a peaceful atmosphere. According to psychology show that blue is emotionally stable, have more rational thinking. Of white cool and refreshing, feel free and open-minded, like nature is euqally open and comfortable. 5, natural yellow + green: natural light yellow, give a person pure and fresh, tender feeling, on behalf of the joy of a new life. Fruit green, let feel calm, and yellow light feeling, very suitable for young couples. of Europe type style is how to choose the curtain is good or bad directly affects the whole house class and taste, the guests entered the house, at first glance looked dining tables, TV set, not the first thing you see is the curtain, curtain, when the choose and buy, therefore, we must make the spirit of an extremely, the choose and buy and integral household match the curtains. Should hang down feeling of choose and buy of Europe type style is strong, simple sense the heavy curtain, with cotton and linen material is given priority to, paying special attention to is can't choose the silk, elegant feeling shading curtains, cloth curtain is a very good choice. of Europe type color is given priority to with big flowers, best must have shade head highlights its luxurious atmosphere.
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