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What is the price of curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-03-15
Curtains are usually used in all furniture decorations. And the choice of curtains can affect the whole style of decoration. When buying curtains at ordinary times, we must pay attention to their quality and quality. Also pay attention to its shading and concealment. Many people pay great attention to the fabric of curtains when purchasing. But it ignores the quality of the curtain rod. In fact, curtain rods are also very important, so how much is curtain rods one meter? Just follow Xiaobian to have a look. For different levels of consumers, there will also be different levels of curtain rods. Curtain rods made of different materials have different quality and different manufacturing techniques, so there are also great differences in price. Generally speaking, the price of curtain rods is more than ten yuan. To tens of dollars. Generally speaking, stainless steel, metal. Zinc Alloy. These are more expensive, the market price generally ranges from 20 to 40 yuan. However, plastic is cheaper, and the market price generally ranges from 5 to 25 yuan. Curtain rods made of pure copper are more expensive. The price on the market is generally above 50 yuan. So how to choose curtain rod? Generally speaking, when you choose, you should first check the thickness of the wall of the curtain rod. There are some curtain rods with poor quality, and the wall of his curtain rod is relatively thin. The bearing capacity of curtain rod is also relatively small. Therefore, problems are often more likely to occur during use. The decorative head of the curtain rod can be disassembled to have a look. The condition of the wall thickness of the curtain rod, in general, the thicker the wall of the curtain rod, the better. At present, the materials of curtain rods on the market are also various and uneven. Generally speaking, there are wood, alloy, plastic and iron. When you choose, you should choose some materials that are firm. Can be used for a long time. Generally speaking, the curtain rod in the material room is easy to age and change color. And it is easy to break after a long time of use. But it has many colors. There are many choices. The color of the alloy is relatively single. Its Bearing capacity is not very good either. And she is not resistant to friction. Wooden curtain rod, it is relatively easy to crack, and is relatively easy to be affected with damp, hanging heavy curtains for a long time is easy to break. Iron curtain rod, its heavy and friction resistance is also better. The above is the relevant content about how much the curtain rod costs one meter compiled by Xiaobian. Everyone must pay attention to its quality and material when choosing curtain rod. Don't make a hasty decision. Its quality is also very important, so be careful when choosing.
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