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What is the uv curtains for you?

by:Pacific     2020-07-03
Uv light curtain is a good uv protection function of the curtain. Uv protection principle of curtain curtain of uv are able to have the effect of uv protection, because it is flat silk fabrics mainly used, on the flat wire design regularly form small triangle cone prism, when close to the sun, small prism of the surface reflection incident light, so you can put most of uv rays in the outdoor. Uv uv curtain for curtain has a curtain rod, window screening, a variety of forms such as roller, vertical blinds, usually for commercial office buildings, hotels, villas, home, school, etc. Has the advantages of uv protection, can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation to the skin and furniture. When in direct sunlight, as long as to draw the easy spinning uv curtain can be easily cut off uv rays, create a comfortable and healthy home environment. Uv protection curtain standard index is far from European countries we don't mention, single uv protection standard of the curtain is our China is a combination of Australia and European standard custom, rules the tested textiles must satisfy the UPF values must be greater than 30, transmittance ( UVA) Av is less than 5% of the standard to produce uv curtains. Uv protection curtain prices for uv protection curtain has such outstanding performance, don't know you move no oh, to understand the small make up of uv protection curtain price for you. If is wholesale price will be cheaper, at 2327 yuan/m. Thickening of the uv light curtain will be more expensive, prices in 45 yuan/meters. Uv protection curtain 1, first of all, how to choose high quality uv curtain quality must be good, want to know every kind of uv curtain has test report, free real qualified tested uv curtain, its quality will be guarantee, when the choose and buy must pay attention to check, especially the uv transmittance of the curtain and protection factor UPF. 2, when selecting a uv light curtain, in addition to considering the functional and decorative effect of the curtain rod. A decorative effect of the curtain, need to be taken into account in contemporary household, after all, people are more value or decorations with whole to live in a effect. So when the choose and buy, only for their household style uv curtain curtain will be more good products. can not only effectively and easily block uv rays outdoor, also can have elegant adornment effect, to make the household environment of comfortable health has a very important role.
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