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What is volume of the curtain installation steps?

by:Pacific     2020-06-29
In front of the installation volume curtain, many steps are the same as a normal curtain installation. First to measure the window frame, the location of the picture ready to install the curtain, punching the corresponding location on the wall, and then find a good position to code and curtain rod installation fixed on it. After confirm level, then the curtain set above the curtain rod set it on a ring. At the time of installation volume curtain, first measured the distance between the fixed hole in the wall, and the dimension of the curtain rod. With fixed hole punching machine to play good, put the curtain rod, screw fixed installation. Then connect the pulley fixed on the roll of the curtains and curtain rod, this volume curtain installation is complete. If there is not, can also employ professional maintenance master the door installation. Every parts of volume curtain first ok, and then find a suitable curtain installation position on the wall, determine the position of punch work after, the size of the hole is best in accordance with the size of the screw, this volume curtain installation of good stability and hole after playing well in the mouth of the corresponding volume curtain, then screw with a screwdriver to twist in a fixed, fixed after trial a volume curtain, confirm whether installed firmly. The kinds of the curtain is also more, different curtain rod have different installation steps. Volume curtain in our life is also very common products, the product of the installation steps is very simple, first of all, we should be going to the store to buy good quality volume curtain, then we can put the volume curtain four screws to hold the Angle, and then open the switch of the curtain, can normal use.
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