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What kind cloth curtain are there?

by:Pacific     2020-06-14
Roman shade drafty dustproof Roman shade is new to decorate adornment, according to the shape can be divided into the form of folding, fan, wave, etc. Has a wide type of curtain fabrics, general quality of a material of fabrics can do the Roman curtain. More general curtain, Roman shade adornment effect is unique, rich administrative levels feels, showily and elegant, natural and pure and fresh, also has the advantages of shading, heat insulation, dust-proof, drafty, commonly used in hotels, cafes, banquet halls and other places of high-grade, also make taste household good choice! 2. Folio for big window outside, rich administrative levels feels blinds for larger Windows, a curtain rod around each, can be opened entirely, can also be sheared hang. At the top of the multi-purpose curtain rod ring set into the rod or bar, a pulley on both ends, with the wire to the switch. Outside the curtain rod of the sitting room is under the shade of the style, the impression of champagne on dotted with elegant noble Damascus pattern, the light color of the cloth color collocation of slightly deep fort series wallpaper, rich of dimensional administrative levels, revealed the rich the classic lasting appeal of quietly elegant, create a new style of a European household environment. 3. Serpentine curves are strong serpentine blinds the appearance of the structure and the straight rail has no much difference, but the track of crane wheel made of equal spacing. In the process of the movement of the curtain S type curve and lithe and graceful movement effect. The serpentine shade can be applied in large landing window, compared with traditional softness and inflexible traditional curtain, serpentine shade with its unique line of beauty and natural and graceful posture, gradually by more and more people favor. Has a fine fabric texture, shaking in the sliding body appearance, smooth shadow irregular change rich, clever and leaf pattern wallpaper, rice gray like starry sky of swaying branches, bring your dining environment natural romantic breath. 4. Shutter is concise, small shutter curtain cloth by resin processing, rolled into a cylinder shape, use rope or chain on the way up and down, simple and convenient operation, appearance is concise, make the room look spacious contracted. Shutter has good shading effect, and possesses the advantages of small volume, suitable for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, home and other places. 5. Blinds and durable easy cleaning the Venetian blinds made of aluminum alloy, MuZhu paint processing and become, with durable fresh, easy to clean, not aging, not faded, shading, heat insulation, breathable fire wait for a characteristic, suitable for high-grade office buildings, bedroom, hotel, villas and other places, at the same time can cooperate with stickers to make it more pure and fresh and elegant style. Control mode there are two, manual and electric Angle by adjusting the slice to control incoming light, shade piece of Angle can be adjusted to the most appropriate location.
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